Share Your Best Catch!

Share Your Best Catch!

Be Proud like Steve Douglas ! Share Your Catfish with the Catfish Conference 2016!

Sharing our love of Catfishing with other members of our community is what Catfish Conference is about. We want you to be in the center of the spotlight and share your passion with the world! Start sharing your glorious catch with the world! Be Catfish Proud!

Here is how to do it:

2. Take your phone out and capture that glorious moment of yourself holding your catch high and proud!
3. Keep your phone our and go to
4. Fill the form on the right side of the page (or in the center of your screen if you use a mobile phone / tablet).
5. Click “send”.
6. Wait a few hours and we’ll send you your own post link.
7. Share your post with your network and the world.

Click Here to view our post publications and to see your pictures – SHARE YOUR CATFISH 

Alternatively, you may also send us an email (the address is at the bottom of every page) containing the information requested on the form and we’ll do exactly the same.

The Catfish Conference and the Catfish Community thanks you for your amazing support!

Don’t forget to visit the Conference Hosts and Sponsors (all this would not be possible without them!)

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