Teresa and David Hart’s Catch

Teresa and David Hart’s Catch

Congratulations to Teresa and David Hart (Monster Rod Holders Prostaff, Tournament Team) from Otway, Ohio, for sharing this 52lbs monster caught in the Ohio River.

“While this is not the biggest fish for either of us it is definitely our most memorable catch, caught at the Monsters on the Ohio Tournament in 2014 in the Ohio River at Owensboro, Ky weighing 52 lbs and caught at 15 minutes before the tournament end, it was the second biggest fish of the tournament! this picture is only one of the many reasons catfishing makes us happy. We have been together for 8 yrs and tournament fishing for 7 yrs. In the first year Dave took me out in his boat and taught me all about fishing from a boat, then he decided to look up catfish tournaments online and found this club called Ohio Hills catfish club gave them a call and we have been a part of their family ever since. Fishing in the beginning our our relationship was fun, but finding this club and being introduced to the national trails through them has took our love for each other while cat fishing together to a whole new level of togetherness and respect for each other!”



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  • Janet Reply

    Oh what a fun day that was. Rainy and cold. Not sure who was more excited Dave or Teresa.
    My goodness we took so many pictures you would have thought it was the world record. lol
    So proud of you guys and even happier that we all are good friends.
    If I’m correct I think there was an engagement from our club that same day.
    Very exciting day to say the least.

    February 10, 2016 at 8:40 pm

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