Ricky Poole’s Catch

Ricky Poole’s Catch

Congratulations to Ricky Poole for sharing this nice catch.

We asked Ricky why Catfishing makes him happy and here’s what he answered:

“Catfishing makes me happy for many reasons but mainly because of what I would call the unknown factors, but yet excitement it provides.  You might catch that big one, you might catch numbers or you may not even get a bite the whole day or night.  Either way, you get the same simple result.  It is fun.

Pound for pound, this king of fish is the strongest fighter in freshwater fishing.  This fish has stumped more fisherman over time perhaps than any other species of fish.

We all have stories of the big ones that got away, the size, etc.  Some are stretched a little or a lot, but some are true.  I enjoy hearing some of those stories other catfisherman have.

We all owe thanks to many great people who took the time to educate us and share with us their knowledge they have gained over the years.  These great people know who they are and are to be HIGHLY appreciated, commended and respected!

I want to do my part in making sure others and future generations get to enjoy the excitement this incredible fish provides.   It is also a life long dream of mine to respectfully step up and be a larger part or play a larger role as a team member in some form or fashion in this amazing, growing sport.   The Lord has placed it upon my heart to be a part of this business/industry we call catfishing!”



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