Janet Fox – Catch of the Day!

Janet Fox – Catch of the Day!

Congratulations to Janet Fox from Ohio for sharing this nice catch caught on Lake Wheeler.

These Catfish did weight 76.4 lbs and 64.0 lbs and allowed Janet to win the first place at “The Winter Blues on Wheeler Tournament” in January 2015.

We asked Janet why Catfishing makes her happy and here’s what she answered:

“We can spend time together and we both love to fish. We have met many close friends while catching bait and fishing tournaments all over the country. Catfishermen and women have a special bond and are willing to help each other out. We have met so many friends in our Ohio Hills Catfishing Club that has been together 20 years.”



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  • Ricky Poole Reply

    Great fish Janet!

    February 26, 2016 at 6:48 pm

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