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How To Make Catfish Bait Made From Clam Juice – by Kris Flores (Muddy River Catfishing)

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Dear Anglers,

We thought we would share this video (published on April 2, 2012) by our friend Kris Flores from Muddy River Catfishing. This instructional video shows you how to make a marinated catfish bait using chicken and clam juice. This bait preparation video seems to be working for quite a lot of folks judging by all the comments this video received.



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The full video transcript is available here below for those who need it. This comes directly from YouTube – this is an automatic transcription: errors are frequent – let’s us know if something really is out of place. Thank you in advance.

0:07 how you guys do
0:08 and i want to welcome you to my
0:10 handle what
0:11 River catfishing
0:12 today I’m going to show you guys how to make a marinade catfish bait
0:18 a lot of people don’t know that one of the foods that catfish like our clams
0:28 freshwater clams
0:30 if you’re in an area that has a freshwater clams
0:35 that’s what they look like it here these guys you see a bunch of shells on the
0:41 beach or in side of the river they do eat those
0:45 and I found him several times when i got the fish came up
0:49 there’s little clams in there so I got to thinking maybe some kind of a clam
0:56 sent would attract the catfish
1:00 so what i do i take
1:05 just some chicken chicken brass tiny whatever cut it up put some clam juice
1:13 to it
1:14 so we’re going to use and a marinade ER injectable marinade
1:23 it’s got the little syringe style to it
1:27 so these basic all the other two need right here
1:31 so we’re going to use and we’ll get to show you how I make my bait
1:37 alright so this is where we’re at this right here this is the clam juice is all
1:42 i did was open up the can dump it in here so we can have easy access to it to
1:48 take your chicken chicken breast cut it up into chunks the size of the chunks
1:56 you cut will depend on how big the catfish
2:02 you’re fishing for our button that good size I’d say is a maybe about one inch
2:09 by one inch cube
2:11 more or less
2:15 that’s a average size they always say the bigger the bait the bigger the fish
2:19 and I believe that’s true
2:21 there are certain places that I would fish that I would hesitate with a whole
2:24 chunk like that on there
2:26 believe it or not but just take your chicken cut it up in little chunks
2:50 and they’re now what I do is they take a bowl take the marinade injector and the
3:00 clam juice
3:02 fill this up
3:09 take each individual chunk insert the injector and scored in the
3:24 it helps penetrate the reason i marinate them through the inside and not just the
3:29 outside because i believe it gets into in between the muscle tissue and that’ll
3:36 keep the scent in there longer
3:53so while your bait is on the hook it will be seeping out
4:00 into the water
4:02 I don’t draw the catfishing
4:34 this clown juices
4:36 and a very unique scent to it
5:01 all right
5:02 there it is I have that done
5:05 just take a container this is a 32 ounce of my mandated chicken in there
5:20 and then top it off with some clam juice
5:31 cap it off and you’re ready to go fishing
5:37 let that sit in the fridge couple days or however long it is at least the night
5:44 one night before you go fishing
5:46 that way it gets real good scent on there and you’re good to go
5:54 I want to thank you guys for watching my channel muddy river catfishing you guys
6:00 give me some feedback see if that work for you
6:02 i’ll be posting more videos throughout the year and see you guys out of the
6:07 water

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