Depth Finder measuring feature gives you an edge. Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

Depth Finder measuring feature gives you an edge. Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

Steve Douglas “The Catfish Dude” – Depth Finder measuring feature gives you an edge.

Steve Douglas “The Catfish Dude” is a Youtube Channel hosted by Steve Douglas, a Youtube celebrity catfish angler.

We thought we would share this video (published on December 7, 2016) by our friend Steve Douglas (The Catfish Dude). In this video Steve shows you how to use the GPS measuring feature on the lowrance HDS 12 depth finder to help pin point and set up on key areas of interest.

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The full video transcript is available here below for those who need it. This comes directly from YouTube – this is an automatic transcription: errors are frequent – let’s us know if something really is out of place. Thank you in advance.


0:00 guys were down the Tennessee River we’re
0:02 going to try a little winter fishing we
0:05 haven’t been in this particular area
0:06 before some what we’re going to do is
0:07 just generally go out on the the main
0:09 river channel and look for some deeper
0:12 portions of the river whether it be a
0:13 channel been or the the Riverbend the
0:16 river bed actually touches close to the
0:20 bank somewhere we’re gonna find
0:22 somewhere where there’s a deeper hole
0:23 and give it a try sometime tight we’re
0:26 gonna run out here and see where can’t
0:28 locate and i hope the mall try to look
0:30 for a big fish today and we stop this
0:40 area that’s close to the bank the river
0:42 channel swings real close to the bank
0:44 right here and we got 70 foot of water
0:46 behind us
0:48 [Music]
0:50 we’re just going to search them out when
0:53 the wintertime like this if you don’t
0:54 know exactly where you going into water
0:56 you just gotta do some things and try it
0:59 first
1:00 its current sometimes can fool you you
1:02 know you got the lake coming straight at
1:04 you would think the current would come
1:05 straight down the lake to but the way
1:07 that this point comes out it’s kicking
1:09 this current around and it’s actually
1:11 making the current go at a diagonal
1:13 direction as you can save your i tried
1:15 to get on this waypoint so when I threw
1:18 my anger out I through apparently in the
1:20 wrong spot because we’ve missed the way
1:22 point but we’re gonna figure out how
1:24 much we missed it by but it’s the way
1:27 that the current is pushing my boat
1:29 which I kind of misjudged so if I really
1:32 want to get on this white point I’m
1:34 gonna have to put my anchor right up
1:37 above it here as it comes down but it’s
1:40 actually hitting it at an angle if you
1:42 can see the way the waters running right
1:45 now it’s like say hitting this point in
1:47 being pushed around as it’s coming at an
1:49 end so
1:53 these fish finders have measuring tools
1:59 on them and we’ll measure from one one
2:01 spot to the next
2:04 alright says finish management we’re
2:09 looks like we’re just about 20 foot away
2:12 from where we were when it was intended
2:14  to be that way we need to get over that
2:16 way to a 24-foot but you know the fish
2:19 are still just moving right in and out
2:21 you can see them right now coming into
2:22 screen officials were in the general
2:25 area so you know the anchor is important
2:28 how you get on it and the way the
2:30 current is hitting but in this case here
2:33 looks like that we kind of hit the
2:34 general area
2:35 this is a big area but the gps can get
2:38 it down to pretty close to where where
2:42 it happened what’s happening but that’s
2:45 a pretty good tool to that just kind of
2:47 shows you where yet you know if you if
2:50 you anchored up and you want to know how
2:52 far back behind the brush palette is
2:53 that you’re throwing in you can use that
2:55also you know that rush powers down here
3:00 you’ll know it’s 84 foot away from
3:02 wherever you put the blue and 70-foot
3:06 let’s see here we go here finish measure
3:16 alright there’s a green buoy right over
3:21 there from where we’re sitting and we’ll
3:23 measure how far we are from that green
3:25 building where we are here
3:28 so what we’re going to hit measure will
3:34 take this all the way over to the green
3:38 buoy and it’s a hundred and sixty-one
3:40 foot where our boats sitting to the
3:42 green buoy but like say to give you a
3:47 good good chance of learning a little
3:49 bit more about your water and how far
3:51 away you need to hacker from your actual
3:54 targets so that you can put your base
3:57 right there where they need to be a good
4:00 face are still moving in and around us
4:02 so we’re gonna sit here for another
4:04 another 30 minutes and see what’s what’s
4:08 going on

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