A Walk Down Memory Lane – Catfish Now (Digital Magazine)

A Walk Down Memory Lane – Catfish Now (Digital Magazine)

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Catfish Now Digital Magazine

Catfish Now! – A Walk Down Memory Lane

We thought we would share this article (published on December 13, 2016 by Ron Presley) coming from Catfish Now! Digital Magazine.

Ron Presley said: “My Facebook Memory this morning was a link to an article I wrote last year when I learned of the Catfish Conference. It was published on my Examiner.com page. Since Examiner went out of business, and thousands of articles were lost to the public, including this one, I decided to re-post it. Take a look and think back over the last year as we look forward to Catfish Conference 2017.”

Catfish Conference 2016, a catfish community get-together

It’s all about catfish. As the sport of recreational catfishing catches on with more and more anglers, it seems only natural that there should be a Catfish Conference. From the Mighty Mississippi to the small public lakes around the nation, catfish anglers are searching for more information on the sport. Catfish tournaments go a long way toward educating an eager public, but an event like this will be another important cog in the wheel to grow the sport further. …Read more here: http://www.catfishnow.com/catfish-conference-a-walk-down-memory-lane/



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