Catfish Weekly, video #157

Catfish Weekly, video #157

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Lyle and Chuck from Catfish Weekly. Image from

Catfish Weekly – Video 157

Catfish Weekly is a weekly live web show that talks about American Catfishing with special guests and topics every Monday at 8 pm EST. The well-known hosts are: Lyles Stokes and Chuck Davidson – Visit their site on today and let them know you appreciate their work.


We thought we would share this video (published on February 13, 2017) by our friends at Catfish Weekly, Lyle and Chuck. In this episode, the guys host Steve Douglas for a last update on the Catfish Conference 2017.

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The full video transcript is available here below for those who need it. This comes directly from YouTube – this is an automatic transcription: errors are frequent – let us know if something really is out of place. Thank you in advance.

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