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Muddy River Catfishing with Steve Douglas on the Rio Grande

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Muddy River Catfishing with Steve Douglas on the Rio Grande

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In this video I visit Kris Flores of Muddy river catfishing here on you tube. Kris takes me to his secret fishing spot way out on the boonies. Across the cattle gate next that group of buck bush trees growing on that rock pile. I couldn’t get back out to this place if I had too. Its a great little peaceful spot on the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Kris Flores have a great channel for catfishing. Check out Kris’s videos if you haven’t already, here’s the link…..

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Here is the transcript of the video “Muddy River Catfishing with Steve Douglas on the Rio Grande” for those who would need it:

0:12 oh boy
0:27 grace I’ve been watching me for two
0:29 years
0:30 faced a little ditch I’m finally on the
0:35 ditch here my dear on the ditch a little
0:38 secret spots deep
0:39 yep get out tell nobody I couldn’t tell
0:42 him how to get here rock on guys ready
0:46 Chris all right
0:56 alright guys we’re fixing to go fishing
0:58 with the legendary Chris Flores muddy
1:01 river catfish ain’t nobody in the world
1:04 knows this spot but me and him now now
1:10 you got one more guy that you brought
1:11 out here didn’t ya yeah he kind of
1:15 brought himself out here so I I figured
1:18 I’d bring him along there he go you put
1:22 the work in you found my spot least I
1:25 could do is take him out have a good
1:28 time that’s right that’s right
1:30 we’re gonna have some fun I hope I’m
1:32 kind of psyched wait a minute
1:35 I haven’t fished a little piece of water
1:36 like this in years
1:39 I mean years we ready to go
1:51 ha stability is you got to find out see
1:56 if I can do that I get wet
1:58 oh mercy
2:03 a little more
2:24 that’s my desk finder there’s teeth
2:49 where’s the honey house
2:51 nd one hour
3:06 Redwing blackbirds
3:10 well this is fun
3:16 everybody’s been watching this video
3:20 Miriam
3:24 check it out
3:28 I’m
3:52 alright guys chris has brought me out to
3:54 a secret honey hole we’re going to try
3:56 real quick for his dog maybe a little
4:00 bit into the dark I am tying a Carolina
4:04 rig with a two-ounce no roll Chris gave
4:09 me Chris what you got going on back
4:12 there
4:13 Carolina rig or you got 3-way what’s up
4:15 your feet we need wheels it’s just that
4:19 simple rig that I do have a 2 ounce bank
4:23 on the bottom and then come up timeline
4:28 I circle hook straight to the line then
4:31 I just pinch it so much
4:35 that’s what I call Kentucky rig but I
4:38 think you have deserts New Mexico red it
4:43 is the ditch rig admit rig there you go
4:50 well I’m gonna tie one of them here a
4:52 minute because I’m gonna walk a bait I
4:54 think if I can do it I’m going to walk a
4:56 bait down through here see so you use a
5:00 use braided line all the way down oh you
5:04 don’t you don’t use a mono leader not
5:06 out here maybe I shouldn’t either but
5:09 I’m re that way your program
5:11 I’m already that far so I might as well
5:13 try so you just tied straight to the
5:20 street on straight to your I got you now
5:25 what’s the biggest flathead you’ve
5:27 caught from these waters about 40 pounds
5:32 40 pounds that’s a tag on good pitch
5:34 right there anywhere you go
5:40 I’m gonna stick with moe number nine
5:43 hour number ten Mustad hooks well we got
5:58 some Chad what you got going on back
6:01 here Chris send up some vein how you
6:03 cutting them you gonna catch a big ol
6:08 fish on that little bitty piece of head
6:09 yeah really
6:14 yep I got bigger bait in there but I
6:18 like to you I like to use them when that
6:19 gets a little darker the bigger baits
6:21 darden this is good to start out with
6:26 well I’m gonna follow your lead because
6:28 you use a man down here on this piece of
6:31water to see what you do that here well
6:36 I have this tote on a bigger piece of
6:38 bait myself but I have to do some trial
6:42 and error to you know if I come out here
6:43 without you you know and just try some
6:46 stuff so what would you do Steve yeah
6:54 oxide these knife cut a little tail off
6:56 that and use that whole whole Sam but
7:01 I’m used to kissing the arm used to
7:04 place within a big skipjack mm-hmm
7:09 but you know that West Virginia state
7:13 record that I didn’t catch come off of
7:16 two little bitty three-inch piece of
7:19 shad so I noticed a small bass will
7:25 catch the big fish no doubt
7:29 now you guys keep in mind Steve calls
7:33 that a little piece of bait you know so
7:35 it’s all perspective where you’re
7:37 fishing how you’re fishing you know it’s
7:41 good point to me that’s a decent size of
7:44 bait I mean it’s it’s not too big and
7:47 it’s not too small
7:48 good point Chris I’ll let you do wait
7:53 hey night I got it’s not that tight
8:02 let your bait knife that’s my everything
8:04 knife everything not voter on the toast
8:07 I mean butter on the toast well I’m
8:14 gonna do about what you did I guess I
8:18 like your cutting board there yeah
8:22 listen good one in the truck I’ve got my
8:25 backup with me at all times
8:46 I’ll let the guests can I wouldn’t know
8:52 where to go just right out do you try to
9:13 bump on that one will bump up this one
9:15 right here on the side here maybe four
9:17 were you thinking hopefully back down
9:19 the middle you get it you drop not even
9:37 a minute there we go
9:45 yeah I take you to three days fishing
9:48 out here bro yeah it’s just there’s so
9:52 much out here you know you don’t realize
9:54 how much area there’s to fish once
9:57 you’re out in the boat fishing this
9:58 place you don’t see much but I see you
10:01 know got funny current and I see the
10:04 kind of fish you bring up out here then
10:07 it changes you know right here we got
10:09 all this open water just up here I call
10:11 it the sticks and it’s you have to
10:14 maneuver through all these branches and
10:15 oh yeah yeah overhangs and then then you
10:21 go down and it starts to choke off and
10:23 then they squeeze through the bulrush
10:24 and it opens up again ah it’s an
10:28 adventure then we got to get some
10:34 fishing boat
10:41 you know the devil make a channel
10:45 catching her tongue yeah there’s a
10:46 nice-size channel let me not mess big
10:48 big with you know in town me mostly flat
10:55 hands and guess losing her to some good
10:57 sites losing you
11:02 yeah
11:12 what keeps these things from floating
11:14 off usually they’re not in the water
11:18 I’ll see you this waters have it yeah a
11:20 little water a little high
11:22 last time I had a mouse with money all
11:25 right you don’t come out here and
11:32 chopping others down to give you a
 extra oh yeah every single time I
11:36 come out here and just keep coming right
11:39 back
11:48 it’s been so long since I’ve done
11:50 anything like this yeah I don’t even
11:54 care if I catch a fish it’s nice to be
11:57 out here this is nice to be out yeah
12:00 sitting around the muddy river campfire
12:03 that’s why I come out here just to relax
12:07 recharge yeah I can see why I just sit
12:13 here looking at the sky start to fall
12:16 sleep in awesome that’s above him the
12:19 fish back yeah they always seem to bite
12:22 when you’re not ready for him
12:30 at 5-4 boo
12:33 I’m just having fun being out here I
12:36 said I don’t even care if I catch fish
12:38 that does look like a longer boat than
12:41 what you had was your other one eight
12:42 foot and this is ten foot yeah
12:54 well Chris I appreciate you inviting us
12:57 out man I’m having fun I ain’t been here
12:59 a day yet
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