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Catfish Weekly, video #296

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Catfish Weekly – Video 296

Catfish Weekly is a weekly live web show that talks about American Catfishing (Catfish Fishing) with special guests and topics every Monday at 8 pm EST. The well-known hosts are: Lyles Stokes – Visit their site on today and let them know you appreciate their work.


We thought we would share this video (published on October 28, 2019) by our friends at Catfish Weekly, Lyle .

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The full video transcript is available here below for those who need it. This comes directly from YouTube – this is an automatic transcription: errors are frequent – let us know if something really is out of place. Thank you in advance.

00:01 welcome everybody to catfish weekly
00:04 presented by excel boats along with
00:06 Cindy I’m Lyle dock is in Alabama
00:09 hopefully he will come into the show
00:11 here in a little bit but as we all know
00:13 internet connection down there is very
00:16 very tough to come by and he will be
00:18 joining us if he can get an internet
00:21 connection tonight we are gonna go over
00:24 the 2019 Holiday Spectacular giveaway
00:29 and we’re gonna be talking about how
00:31 it’s gonna work and what is gonna take
00:34 place
00:34 but first Cindy I got a message the
00:37 other day yesterday in fact from John
00:41 Patrick and John sent me a message now
00:46 this is John Patrick the third and he
00:48 sent me a message and said tomorrow the
00:50 28th is my dad’s birthday he watches
00:55 every week his name is John Patrick jr.
00:58 and I wanted to see if you guys would
01:00 give him a shout-out on the show thank
01:02 you for a great show every week and I
01:04 will see you in tat chat well John
01:07 Patrick jr. happy birthday we’re so
01:10 happy that you watched the show and
01:12 thank you so much for being a part of
01:14 catfish weekly I hope you enjoy the show
01:16 tonight
01:16 maybe you’ll get draw it out to be one
01:18 of the lucky contestants for the
01:20 giveaway gonna be December the 14th the
01:24 holiday spectacular which will have six
01:27 grand prize winners so pretty cool huh
01:30 yeah pretty neat we have been talking
01:37 about the Holiday Spectacular we almost
01:39 forgot about it this is our second
01:42 annual Holiday Spectacular and we are
01:45 going to be drawing six winners for the
01:51 grand prizes of all of the total of all
01:54 the prizes that we get donated by
01:56 sponsors last year the total
02:00 accumulation was over eight thousand
02:03 dollars worth of prizes I do believe
02:05 that that’s more than anybody else that
02:06 doesn’t show like ours give away the
02:09 entire year and we’ve done that much in
02:11 one show last year now whether this show
02:14 or this year’s show will be anything
02:16 like that or not we don’t know until we
02:19 get all the prizes in but we do have
02:22 sponsors already stepping up to the
02:24 plate such as Glen from regret offshore
02:29 tackle hookers terminal tackle King
02:31 Kraken and several others we’ll be
02:34 announcing as we go along so tonight
02:38 being the first giveaway that we’re
02:40 going to do we’re going to draw out two
02:43 contestants that will be in for the
02:45 grand prize drawings and those two
02:47 people that we draw out of the chat will
02:51 go in and be two of the grand prize
02:53 winners on the 14th and those two guys
02:55 will get a prize tonight from Glen a
02:59 trig wrap so yeah James Dockery I know
03:02 you can appreciate this we’re gonna get
03:04 into Glen’s pocket a little bit not too
03:06 deep tonight but maybe later on there’s
03:09 no telling what Glen and the other
03:11 sponsors will all donate give to us I do
03:14 know that there’s gonna be some really
03:16. nice gift certificates giveaway along
03:19 with some of the other prizes so you’re
03:21 gonna make sure you want to be in here
03:22 every week so you get in chat to try and
03:25 be draw it out for those two physicians
03:28 every week one of the things that I want
03:32 to talk about is Tim burger at
03:34 all-american catfish him and his lovely
03:36 wife Susie put on the 2019 Tournament of
03:41 Champions out of call Point Kansas
03:43 tournament over the weekend it was
03:46 Saturday the 26th and the winners or
03:49 Andrew Carnes and Randy Morgan they had
03:53 the big fish of sixty 4.90 pounds at a
03:56 total weight of ninety three point nine
03:58 two pounds second place was Cody for she
04:02 and Joe Roberts with fifty point six
04:04 three pound big fish sixty nine point
04:07 eight two total pounds
04:09 Eddie Henny and Adam funk had a five
04:12 fish that was on three fish they’ve done
04:14 that with three fish the first team had
04:16 wait five or the third team of Eddie
04:19 honey and Adam funk wait five fish they
04:21 had a big fish at ten point five two and
04:23 a total weight of forty eight point
04:24 seven one pounds Jon Bergland and
04:27. Bergland turned in three fish for the
04:30 big fish @ 30.8 six and a total weight
04:32 of forty seven point three one pounds
04:35 Mike Sanders and Josh Flaum Eze got 5th
04:38 place they had one fish thirty point
04:41 four five pounds so congratulations all
04:44 the winners if you guys get a chance go
04:46 up and visit all american catfish they
04:48 do a great job put on a really nice
04:50 tournament I’m looking for great things
04:52 to come from the Kansas City area next
04:54 year as they will be branching out to
04:57 some of the lakes such as Lake Ozark and
05:00 some other stuff we’re not going to get
05:02 into that until Tim releases his entire
05:04 schedule but it’s still going to be a
05:06 lot of fun and it’s if they’re gonna do
05:09 a bang-up job I’m quite sure I thought
05:12 doc would get in but I do know that
05:19 internet connection is always terrible
05:22 down around wheeler Lake in Alabama
05:24 phone service is extremely limited but
05:27 the last time I talked to doc which was
05:30 this morning he said send him a link he
05:32 would try to come in the show if he
05:34 could get somewhere where they could get
05:35. a internet connection to where he could
05:41 join us but we’ll have to see how that
05:43 works out because you just never know we
05:48 got a bunch in chat tonight Cindy wish
05:53 Kentucky cat man happy birthday tomorrow
05:56 well we’re gonna do it tonight Jim happy
05:58 birthday thanks so much for watching the
06:01  show being in chat every week we
06:03 appreciate it so much I hope you’re not
06:05 getting too old I just had a birthday
06:06 myself so I understand that and I would
06:10 like to thank everyone that sent me
06:12 birthday wishes whether it be through
06:15 email or phone calls or message or or on
06:19 Facebook the total was around 500 this
06:23 year which is absolutely unbelievable
06:26 that that many people would take the
06:28 time out of their day to send me a note
06:30 or a message or give me a call it it
06:34 really touches my heart and a huge way
06:36 to think that that many people would
06:39 actually care
06:40 about what we do we met a lot of great
06:42 friends along the way Cindy and I have
06:44 and in the catfishing world and one of
06:47 the greatest things about about Facebook
06:50 is the fact that we get to stay in touch
06:53 with people that we went to school with
06:55 and people we very rarely get to see and
06:59 one of my favorite deals the whole time
07:02 with with the birthday deal was we had a
07:08 music teacher in school a long long long
07:11 time ago when I was in school a long
07:15 long time his name was mr. Johnson and
07:18 at the time mr. Johnson really wasn’t
07:20 that much older than some of us students
07:23. we started having him as a music teacher
07:25 in junior high and then on through high
07:28 school and mr. Johnson we always called
07:31 him mr. J every year sends me a happy
07:34 birthday wish through Facebook and it’s
07:36 amazing that a guy can remember 40 years
07:43 almost 50 years ago when we was in
07:45 school his own his students and I know
07:48 I’m not the only one that he does that
07:50 too so that is just really really cool
07:52 and it very much appreciated and some of
07:56 the people that I went to school with
07:57 and family members nieces and nephews on
08:01 my side of the family and Cindy side of
08:03 the family and yeah that’s true but you
08:06 know it was really it was very humbling
08:08 to have that many every year it seems to
08:10 grow and it’s really it’s really awesome
08:12 that you people think that much does
08:14 take time out of your day and do it and
08:16 thank you so much for that so with that
08:21 being said it’s not quite time to spin
08:24 but it’s almost are you all geared up
08:26 and ready to go yeah that’s what I
08:28 thought you you this is the only
08:30. microphone we got I don’t know if people
08:31 can hear you or not but when you’re
08:35 talking to me you’re usually loud enough
08:37 so you might have to pick it up a little
08:40 bit with doc not being in here a little
08:43 bit tonight so see what we got here
08:48 nothing there nothing there without doc
08:52 it’s just really hard to do all
08:54 Oh Cindy doesn’t have a microphone in
08:56 the camera but if Doc’s gonna keep
08:58 traveling around Cindy’s gonna have to
09:00 step it up I think you guys can help me
09:02 out with this a little bit I think she
09:04 needs a camera and a microphone too
09:07 she doesn’t want one sometimes but I
09:09 think that that I think it’s a good idea
09:12 that that shoe but what was that yeah
09:14 that’s what I thought oh man this Chanel
09:20 Klein’s in here ready to spin whoo yes
09:22 you know you’ve won a couple times and
09:24 Bob how are you doing
09:27 Patriot James hey if you guys have a
09:29 change Patriot James show that’s on
09:32 every Wednesday night check him out he’s
09:34 on YouTube does a great job a couple of
09:37 weeks ago he had Chris Flores on with a
09:39 guest last week he had Stacey Gaston and
09:42 joey kirby done a great job with those
09:44 guys so be sure to tune in to patriot
09:47 James catfishing show on Wednesday
09:50 nights at 7 o’clock really cool the
09:57 Holiday Spectacular I got just a minute
09:59 before we uh before we get into that can
10:02 you cannot imagine how much you said oh
10:04 thank you so much Matthew we appreciate
10:07 it that you guys come in here you you
10:09 guys don’t understand how much it means
10:11 to us that you all watch us every Monday
10:14 night because there’s so many other
10:16 things that you could be doing and to
10:19 sit here and watch doc and Cindy and I
10:21 is amazing and and man we thank so much
10:23 of each and every one of you guys you do
10:25 such a good job for us
10:28 no yeah we don’t even break even yet but
10:33 we’re working on that
10:35 there’s there’s Paul Byrd Memphis
10:39 outlaws and catfish weeklies favorite
10:41 shows thank you so much Paul Paul was a
10:44 big help with us last year helping
10:46 getting some big sponsors into the to
10:50 the Holiday Spectacular now how this
10:52 works is every week so you want to be
10:55 sure to tune in every week we’re gonna
10:57 take two names out of the chat the
11:01 people that are watching live and
11:03 Cindy’s gonna write those names down
11:05 those two people will win a
11:08 a small price from one of the sponsors
11:10 each week tonight it’ll be rig wrapped
11:12 and those people will go in a drawing
11:17 and we will have six grand prize winners
11:21 on December 14th that’ll give us time to
11:25 get everything shipped out whether it be
11:27 coming from the sponsors themself or
11:29. whether it ships from our location and
11:32 to be there by Christmas so tonight
11:36 we’re gonna do get the first two and two
11:38 people will get prizes pardon me
11:41 tonight and then their name will be
11:44 entered in for the grand prizes on the
11:46 14th which there’ll be six grand prizes
11:48 and all that’s going to depend on what
11:50 we get from all our sponsors and how
11:52 many sponsors we get so you want to make
11:55 sure that you’re watching every week so
11:57 you at least have the chance to be in
12:00 the drawing and you have to be in chat
12:03 to be in chat you have to be a
12:05 subscriber so tell all your friends
12:08 reach down there underneath on your
12:10 YouTube page you’ll see a thing it says
12:12 share and share that to to your Facebook
12:17 page so all your friends can see it if
12:20 you’ve got pages that’ll allow you to
12:22 share the live feed or a link to it be
12:25 sure to do that we appreciate it so much
12:27 that way we get more people that watches
12:30 the show and more people get a chance to
12:32 win these prizes last year it was quite
12:34 a big deal that we give away and we
12:37 enjoyed it so much Mike thank you so
12:39 much I know you are John I know you guys
12:41 watch the show every week and we really
12:43 appreciate it
12:44 it means so much to us like I say that
12:46 you guys watch the show and most of you
12:50 guys are in here every week so and Glen
12:53 heed you can tell them guys what you
12:55 want but you have birthdays whether
12:58 you’ll fess up to it or not or tell how
13:00 old you are or not it doesn’t really
13:02 matter it’s just another day and it
13:04 comes around once every year and we all
13:06 know that you’re a heaven one so happy
13:12 birthday Mike Greenwell if you guys
13:13 haven’t seen Mike Green Wells YouTube
13:16 videos you need to check him out he does
13:18 a great job I watched one yesterday
13:21 they was fishing out on I believe it was
13:23 the Ohio River caught some really nice
13:25 fish so be sure to tune in and check him
13:28 out now I believe it is time to spin the
13:35 old regret prize wheel so Cindy to is
13:39. the number one two and the winner is
13:47 James Dockery congratulations James see
13:55 what we can get for you tonight it’s all
13:57 up to Cindy so if you don’t get
13:58 something that you you’re really one you
14:00 can blame her
14:01 Dale’s tackle I know you’re gonna love
14:04 that because I see that you buy stuff at
14:06 Dale’s all the time James Dockery if you
14:08. will contact Dale’s tackle tell him you
14:10 was a winner on the catfish weekly show
14:13 playing the rig rat prize wheel game
14:15 Dale will ship you out something really
14:17 nice I know he will and I know you’re
14:19 gonna love it because I already know
14:20 you’re buying stuff from Dale Dale thank
14:22 you so much for being a sponsor draw
14:24 show we appreciate it
14:25 it helps us in so many ways and and
14:28 gives back a little bit to the people
14:30 that actually watch the show all the
14:31 time so thank you and James thank you
14:33 and Katie for watching the show with us
14:35 I know you watch I see you in here all
14:39 the time
14:40 besides that you send me messages and I
14:42 send you messages and we talk about
14:43 short people and makes a whole lot of
14:45 fun out of the deal really it really is
14:47 fun so thanks a bunch all right
14:51 so we’re going to be doing this Holiday
14:59 Spectacular every week every Monday
15:03 night we’re gonna pick out two people
15:05 now last year we had a bunch of people
15:08 that stepped up with some really big
15:09 prizes we give away a set of pods for
15:13 the back of somebody’s boat floatation
15:15 pods and they shipped them to him they
15:17 had him welded on the guy that done that
15:21 would install them but it was too far
15:24 for the guy to come to get his boat so
15:26 they shipped them to him he had them put
15:27 on and painted to match that was a
15:29 really big prize now I’m not saying
15:31 we’re gonna have prizes like that again
15:33 we no no
15:35 what people will send us or donate to us
15:40 but now we have got several people that
15:43 have we’ve been in contact with and
15:45 we’re working out the details now on
15:47 some new prizes
15:48 but we’re going to get some stuff from
15:49 rig Rapp Glenn has always stepped up and
15:52 always been a great sponsor to the show
15:54 and and to be quite honest the Holiday
15:57 Spectacular giveaway was his idea last
16:00. year and you know we just carried it
16:03 over as you can see on the back there we
16:06 have the same banner we had last year
16:08 but instead of saying eight weeks it
16:09 says six because we forgot about it and
16:12 Glenn sent me a thing to put over that
16:15 to change it to 6 so we’re sorry about
16:18 that we’ll try to do better with that
16:20 next year we also are going to have
16:23 products from offshore tackle offshore
16:27 has has been a longtime sponsor of ours
16:29 they donate stuff every year to just
16:32 about any kind of giveaway that we have
16:35 and we’ve got a bunch of stuff that
16:36 we’re gonna give away from offshore
16:38 tackle James our wood I talked to him
16:42 with hookers terminal tackle the other
16:43 day and James is another guy that we
16:46 contact whenever we have giveaways and
16:49 stuff and he always donates quality
16:52 products to the show and this year he is
16:59 committed to a $100 gift certificate to
17:02 lookers terminal tackle so that in
17:05 itself will be one grand prize somebody
17:07 will win $100 gift certificate to
17:11. hookers terminal tackle and personally I
17:14 think that that is an outstanding prize
17:17 really really good products that he has
17:20 and you can get just cash it out right
17:22 there at their store and he’ll ship
17:25 everything out
17:28 Paul says Lyle and Cindy go ahead and
17:31 give away two different four packs of
17:33. lightning bug lights tonight thank you
17:37 Paul
17:38 you’re the man you are so good to us and
17:40 we’re gonna do that it’s gonna take me
17:42 just one second because Doc’s not here
17:45 to load these up in chat but I
17:47 do it we’ll just give us some way now –
17:52 four packs of lights will give what
17:54 we’ll just give them away here since I
17:56 figured out how to do this I forget
17:58 because I don’t do it very often
18:00 fat boy Dan’s in the show tonight
18:04 working monkeys Tom Wilson Rick Rapp
18:07 Steven hare whoops it didn’t copy
18:10 Patriot James Paul Byrd he’ll build miss
18:13 hillbilly catfishing Mike Haggar Mike
18:15 Greenwell Maurice casein Matthews shots
18:20 Kyle rut Leslie Cagan gideon kentucky
18:24 cat man adventures K&B; angling I can’t
18:28. get them all as I’m going too fast but
18:30 we’ll get some more of you here in a
18:32 little bit as we go up through here this
18:36 is for the lightning bugs copy and paste
18:48 and the first winner for a four pack of
18:52 lightning bug lights courtesy of Paul
18:55 Byrd is miss hillbilly catfishing
18:59 congratulations you will need to contact
19:02 Paul Byrd on Facebook may be listed as
19:07 junior bird
19:09 he’s very prominent in our fishing
19:10 community and Paul will tell you how to
19:13 get your prizes collected just send him
19:16 a message and you have won a four pack
19:18 of lightning bug lights thanks again
19:20. Paul we appreciate everything that you
19:22  do so much and congratulations miss
19:24 hillbilly catfishing and I’m going to
19:27 take those names out because when we do
19:31 this the next time we’re going to start
19:33 all over I figured it out I’m just slow
19:42 about doing it because usually doc does
19:45 this I hate to take his job but he’s not
19:46 here and somebody’s got to do it so I
19:49 guess it’s me but I’m hoping he will be
19:54 on fish they have the big tournament
19:55 coming up down there this weekend and
19:57 doc is entered in that and I look for
20:00 him too
20:01 have a great time he loves fishing down
20:03 on wheeler so he should do really good
20:10 car Wells Kyle rut
20:14 Katrina Dockery Ernie brown Brian
20:18 Harrigan Josh monic Mike Greenwell
20:23 twerking monkey Leslie Gideon Chanel
20:25 Klein Joey Kirby Steven hair Chrissy
20:31 Brown Donnie Glover it’s hard for me to
20:35 read all these junior Proctor blue dog
20:37 catfishing another gentleman if you get
20:39 a chance to watch some his official
20:40 videos does a great job Jimmy laro who
20:47 big Fox is in here Dwayne buck Ridge
20:50 bikes Anderson Casey Scioscia John Creek
20:55 life fishing Justin’s fishing fetish
20:58 Bank pole Joe Brandon Renfro Kentucky
21:01 cat man outdoors got him while ago Ernie
21:04 brown Patriot catfish for America Eric
21:06 gairy Justin’s fishing fetish Glen’s cat
21:09 fishing adventures what dem is some this
21:26 hillbilly catfishing sis thank you why
21:30 one some-something time so please do
21:34 another name wow that’s awesome thank
21:38 you so much for your honesty we try to
21:41 keep track so we don’t have it’s
21:44 supposed to be a once a month type thing
21:47. but it doesn’t always work out that way
21:49 and your honesty is so much appreciated
21:52 thank you so much we are going to pull
21:56 this back up a lot of what yep YouTube
22:04 lot of youtubers end a night and we’ll
22:07 go in here and pull up another set a
22:10 name another name
22:20 copy/paste now this way we get the
22:27 freshest names that are in chat because
22:29 people go in and at out of chat all the
22:32 time and this time the winner is
22:35 Zachary’s kornpett za CH
22:39 was to free s Co are in e TT
22:45. Zachary contact Junior Byrd Paul Byrd on
22:48 Facebook tell him you was the winner of
22:50 a four pack of lightning bug lights and
22:53 again congratulations for that again
22:56 Paul thank you so much and miss kill
22:58 will be the catfishing thank you for
23:00 your honesty we really appreciate it and
23:02 I know that Zachary will appreciate it
23:04 too that’s awesome I will get back out
23:09 of there that way the next time we do a
23:13 giveaway we will have fresh load on that
23:17 so congratulations man that’s that’s so
23:21 cool that you is honest give that back
23:23 to us to give away to somebody else that
23:25 just reaffirms my beliefs in human
23:29 nature I just really make it’s really
23:31 cool I see Glenn says me either beater
23:37 so it tells me the great dieter milhorn
23:39 is in the show he has never won dieter
23:44 I’m so sorry my heart bleeds purple
23:46 Panther you know for you but it is what
23:49 it is
23:50 a man is independently wealthy as dieter
23:56 Mel Horne doesn’t have to win everything
23:59 he can afford to pay for his stuff as he
24:01 gets it Jessica Patrick first time
24:04 watcher thanks for doing a shout out to
24:06 my father-in-law John Patrick jr. just
24:09 wanted to wish him happy birthday as
24:10 well our family loves you so Jessica
24:13 thank you so much and we appreciate it
24:15 so much that your entire family watches
24:17 catfish weekly
24:18 I wish doc could be in here see some of
24:20 these posts and I did really get a kick
24:22 out of them but it means the world to us
24:24 that you guys watch the show
24:27 when we started this a little over five
24:28 years ago the four of us that actually
24:32 started it we wasn’t sure anybody never
24:35 watched catfish weekly but as it’s
24:37 turned out it has become a pretty good
24:43 deal for us gives me and send me
24:44 something to do on on the Monday nights
24:47 and it gives yeah it gives me something
24:50 new every day because it’s it’s a it has
24:52 become almost a full-time job but
24:54. bringing doc in was a huge asset to the
24:58 show and and it has become a lot of fun
25:01 and when he’s not traveling fish in
25:03 someplace he gives us some great content
25:07 when he joins in the show but you know
25:09 what I’m so happy that he’s able to go
25:11 to these tournaments and I know for a
25:13 fact that he’s enjoying them last week
25:16 he was in Nags Head North Carolina or
25:19. South carrots in North Carolina I
25:22 believe yeah and he was playing golf
25:24 with his daughter and his grandkids and
25:26 his son-in-law and had a blast out there
25:28 so it’s really cool that that he gets to
25:33 do all those things what do you mean if
25:37 you had the money you think you would
25:39 you do dieter
25:41 we all know you got all the money in the
25:43. world man you can’t spend it all I mean
25:45 holy crap dude you’re a world-famous
25:49 YouTube star and I know how much YouTube
25:52 page says you gotta have tons and I will
26:02 I will mention that if dieter didn’t if
26:05 he was living off what he makes off of
26:07 YouTube I promise you they’re not eating
26:09 real well around the melhor home because
26:12 YouTube to us small guys at YouTube does
26:16 not pay the bills doc has paid his dues
26:22. Joey you’re a hundred percent correct
26:24 and he’s been he’s been the go-to guy
26:26 for information through his website that
26:30 him and land created 30 years ago
26:33 probably that had the best information
26:36 in its day it had the very best
26:39 information that
26:40 was online that you could get
26:42 information for and people have sent Doc
26:45 questions for years to get answers for
26:50 and doc was always the kind of guys I’ve
26:53 tried to be that if we don’t know the
26:55 answer we’ll try to find it out for you
26:58  or poit you in the right direction so
27:00 you can get your your questions answered
27:03 correctly
27:03 Michael Leslie how you doing Mike Irwin
27:09 but that’s Doc’s always been like that
27:11 he is he just a really swell guy I’ve
27:14 been very fortunate
27:16 Cindy and I official doc several times
27:18. over the last few years and I knew doc
27:22 for probably 20 or 25 years and never
27:27 met him and several years ago they
27:30 fished one of the CR tournaments in st.
27:33 Louis when two of those was held down
27:35 there in M and Lynn come over and fished
27:37 one and I got to meet him and Lynn for
27:39 the first time Lynn the first time I’d
27:41 met doc one time before Skippy trippin
27:45 when he got kicked in the face by his
27:46 grandson which is now well over six foot
27:48. and I don’t know how much he weighs but
27:50 the josh is huge but that’s how I got to
27:55 know Lynn was I met them down there to
27:57 see our tournament and we all become
27:59 very very great friends and doc is just
28:04 docs doc if you don’t know or understand
28:07 doc if you can’t get along with doc
28:09 there or something bad wrong because
28:11 he’s about the easiest guy in the world
28:13 to get along with and he does so much
28:18 for our sport people don’t realize how
28:21 much the doc has done for the sport over
28:23 the years and he’s just a prince of a
28:26 guy so if you ever get a chance to him
28:27 be sure to shake his hand and if you
28:29 like what he does on our show be sure to
28:31 tell him so cuz he really does enjoy it
28:34 if he didn’t enjoy it I promise you he
28:36 wouldn’t be doing it that’s something
28:40 coming in from Facebook
28:45 Lake Livingston day tournament beacon
28:48 Bay Saturday November 16th 2019 at 6:30
28:55 a.m. beacon bay marina and RV park so if
29:01 you’re down in the Texas area and you
29:04 want to kit fish a catfish tournaments
29:07 in Southeast Texas catfish trail and it
29:11 will be on Lake Livingston
29:14 so that is 11 16 of 2019 if I read that
29:22 correctly yep it is thank you Carl for
29:25 sending that to us maybe you get some
29:27 people down there $125 a team and $25
29:31 for big fish 75% total payout a hundred
29:34 percent big fish total payout all
29:36 proceeds from the tournament will be
29:38 donated to the Texas trophy catfish
29:41 Association very nice Thank You Carl we
29:44 appreciate that you can get some some
29:48 viewers or two that lives in the Texas
29:51 area to run down there and sign up Oh
29:58  got something here Wow on Cindy let’s
30:02 give away a set of not released yet
30:05 planer board lights and mounting kit
30:09 Paul you’re just full of it tonight
30:11 thank you so much Sonny quit your wine
30:20 and you live over there because you love
30:21 that snow they got to come pick it up
30:26 they have all they want well I’m
30:27 thinking Glen might just make a trip up
30:29 her I know Glen grew up in northern New
30:32 York he’s a Buffalo Bills fan he grew up
30:34 in Buffalo New York and I know being
30:37 down in Florida that he misses that snow
30:40 a lot so send him a message honey and
30:43 tell him to come on up and grab him a
30:45 trailer load and he can haul it back in
30:48 his excursion and and do good he’s got a
30:51 navigator I’m sorry but yes I think Glen
30:55 probably is missing that snow and he
30:57 probably just needs to come up here and
30:59 see it first off let’s spin the rig grab
31:02 prize will Cindy one ones your number
31:06 one nope you did not but we will spin it
31:11  a won and the winner who won the last
31:15time well look who the winner is this
31:19 time Katie Dockery wins this time Wow
31:25 well there’s a way to do it but I was
31:28 just being you and don’t have time to do
31:30. it so well you’re half-assed I invite
31:37 huffy hookers time they’ll tackle Katie
31:41  if you will contact James or would a
31:43 hookers terminal tackle and tell him
31:45 that you want on the plane the rig rat
31:48 prize wheel did you get it again no same
31:50 one lucky you and telling me one plane
31:53 of regret prize well game James will
31:55 ship you out of pack of mad quatre hooks
31:59 and thank you so much Katie for watching
32:01 the show I know you’re sitting there
32:02 beside James you probably both got a
32:04 computer going or a device of some sort
32:06 and it’s pretty awesome that you both
32:09 win one right after the other thanks for
32:11 watching the show and James our wood
32:13 hookers Tun Razak oh you’re so great
32:15 you’ve been with us since the beginning
32:16 of the prize wheel expedition that we
32:19 tried out thanks to Glenn and we
32:22 appreciate everything you do not just
32:24 for catfish weekly for the sport of
32:26 catfishing it’s worth a lot to us to
32:29 have you as a sponsor and we thank you
32:30 so much a set got a couple of messages
32:34 here let me see what I got okay
32:41 all right we’ll do that here in a little
32:44 bit I got a couple of giveaways let’s
32:52 give away the other set of lights let me
32:54 get the names pulled up out of we’re
32:58 gonna well I just hang on don’t go too
33:01 fast I get to the bottom of this list
33:05 because we got a hundred and ten people
33:07 watching so it takes a minute to get all
33:09. of them and this mouse on this computer
33:12 doesn’t work all that good I need to go
33:17 get a new one but I just every time I go
33:20 over I forget I want to get a fresh load
33:29 in here dales tackle welcome Dale all
33:35 right for the second set the second four
33:40 pack set of lightning bug lights will go
33:43 to Mike Haggar H eg er congratulations
33:50 Micah fuel contact junior or Paul bird
33:53 on Facebook and tell him you as the
33:55 winner on tonight’s show he will hook
33:57 you up with a set of four lightning bug
33:59 lights that they donated this evening
34:01 thank you so much for watching the show
34:03 Mike and again Paul thank you for
34:05 everything we’re gonna give away that
34:07 other giveaway here in just a few
34:08 minutes there was something else we
34:11 supposed to do yeah well we’ll wait just
34:14. hang hang tight we’re gonna do that what
34:18 do you say that since we’ve already got
34:20 these names loaded up we have a hundred
34:22 and ten of them loaded up right now then
34:25 we go ahead and give away the planer
34:26 planer board lights that Paul has so
34:29 graciously donated all right so this
34:35  time the winner is Chrissy brown
34:39 congratulations Chrissy hope you’ve got
34:41 a good set of planar boards to put these
34:43 lights on and if you will contact Paul
34:45 or junior bird on Facebook telling me
34:48 one the planer board lights that they
34:51 have to come out with he will ship them
34:53. out to you Paul thank you so much again
34:55 for everything you do and Chrissy I know
34:57 that you watch catfish weekly just about
34:59 every week and it means the world to us
35:01 to have you watch our show thank you for
35:03 being a weekly participant and
35:06 congratulations on winning those lights
35:12 mother it isn’t that James’s mother
35:16. she’ll have to let us know I’m not sure
35:18 I think Katrina is James mother but I
35:21 could be wrong if I am I’m probably
35:22 gonna get
35:23 trouble but it won’t be the first time
35:26 I’ve ever been in trouble I’m pretty
35:33 sure that’s James’s mother but I’m not
35:36 honored percent but it’s just it’s just
35:41 funny that that James and winning and
35:43 Katie did win because this is all done I
35:45 have two computers set up here and the
35:48 one on the left has the show on it and
35:53 Facebook cause I get a lot of messages
35:55 from Facebook and it has on
35:58 the three pages that I have open on it
36:01 and then on the right I have one that
36:03 has the YouTube channel so I can see
36:06 check cuz sometimes it’s faster on
36:08 YouTube than it is through our broadcast
36:11 and then I have two emails account set
36:16 up there and another so we
36:18 can do the live stuff and you can’t pull
36:21 the participation people the people that
36:24 are in chat you can’t pull them out of
36:27 the stream you have to pull them off of
36:31. YouTube and that’s one of the things
36:35 about doing the YouTube Facebook live
36:37 thing which we are still working on and
36:39 at some point we’re going to make this
36:41 happen but to be in the giveaways you
36:46 will have to be in on watch on YouTube
36:51 because if you’re watching on Facebook
36:52 there’s no way to get the names out of
36:55. everybody that watches on Facebook like
36:57 you can in the chat box on YouTube with
37:01 YouTube you can go in there and click a
37:02 button and then copy and paste all the
37:04 names in Facebook you cannot do that
37:07 they don’t allow you to do it so you’d
37:09 never be able to do it so anybody that
37:11 once we get this all set up and done
37:13 anybody that watches the show that wants
37:16 to win live in the chat giveaways will
37:19 still have to go to youtube and watch
37:21 the show that’s just how that works
37:24 find out how many October babies are
37:27 online tonight and give a birthday
37:29  giveaway I’d have to get in at myself’
37:32 K&B; because i was born
37:36 October many many many years ago
37:40 palmetto cats welcome to the show
37:43 avid fishermen Carolina skies astronomy
37:48 that sounds like an interesting place to
37:50 check out love astronomy teen candy team
37:55 Wampus cat outdoors just call my name
37:58 you don’t have to worry about sunny
38:01 here’s so funny you’ve been out in the
38:03 snow too long oh man
38:09 I know Sonny’s been whining about this
38:13 about this snow for the last hour or so
38:16 maybe a little longer than that but
38:19 Sonny who you live in Nebraska you’re
38:23 gonna get some snow just take it like a
38:26 man that’s just the way it is we move
38:32 south hey there’s Fat Boy Dan outdoors
38:34 my daughter how do you pronounce that
38:40 Cindy Eliza’s birthday was this 22nd
38:43 dan tell her happy birthday from catfish
38:46 weekly will ya
38:48 Dana McGill mine was October the 10th
38:51 Wow we got a bunch of them got a bunch
38:58 of them you a bitch Edie take this no
39:05 remove that’s right Jonathan tell him
39:07 [Laughter]
39:17 that’s so funny happy birthday yeah
39:23 that’s coming up
39:24. what Thursday October baby’s first PB
39:36 fishing and catfish hunter Adam John’s
39:40 had a great visit with him in Texas man
39:42 what a great guy him and his dad
39:46 72 in Texas well Sandra I got to tell
39:49 you for southwest Missouri on a late
39:51 October day it was pretty nice today it
39:54 was what 60s later I fit but there’s no
39:58 wind so it felt really really warm it
40:00 was 70 yesterday and it was cloudy today
40:03 and no wind and we was outside doing
40:05 some stuff and it was very very nice
40:10 so yeah but it’s coming so sunny don’t
40:15  have the market cornered on that we’re
40:16supposed to get some snow participation
40:19  and rain between now and the weekend not
40:22 really looking forward to that but he’ll
40:24 if sunny can take it we can take it it
40:25. ain’t no big deal it’s just another day
40:27 at the park living life to the fullest
40:36 yeah it’s gonna get pretty cold gonna
40:40. get pretty cold but it is what it is it
40:45 is what it is so I think we’re gonna
40:49 spin the rig wrap prize wheel again
40:50 right quick how’s that grab you so I’m
40:54 all loaded up
40:55 what’s the number the number is three
40:57 that three just one three one two three
41:05 and the winner is Christopher Parker
41:13 congratulation Christopher you just got
41:26 too much muscle Dale’s tackle that’s
41:29 twice tonight for Dale’s tackle
41:31 congratulations Christopher if you’ll
41:32 send Dale’s tackle a message excuse me
41:36 on Facebook and telling you as a second
41:39 Prize winner on catfish weekly tonight
41:43 he will hook you up with a great prize
41:45 we hadn’t have been hit Dale for two
41:47 three weeks or longer so we got it twice
41:50 tonight that’s awesome congratulations
41:51 again and Dale thank you so much for
41:54 being a part of catfish weekly I need to
41:56 get in touch with you a notch I sent
41:58 your men
41:58 I’ve been gettin returned yet to see if
42:00 you want to be part of the catfish or
42:02 all they spectacular but I’m sure that
42:05 you will so tip up real down November
42:10 16th
42:11 watery lake oh I don’t know how to say
42:14 that I think what lake in Oklahoma tip
42:18 up reel down catfish tournament series
42:20. very fast growing tournament trail in
42:22 southern Oklahoma and northern Texas
42:24 come on out there you go guys
42:28 tell everyone about the yeah we’re gonna
42:32 get into that near to the end of the
42:34 show Glen I just saving that for for a
42:37 little later on but yeah that was a bad
42:42 situation very bad cold January brings
42:49 October babies awesome that’s awesome
42:59. yep we did Junior we’re going to talk
43:01 about that just a little bit later on
43:03 down the line here when we get closer to
43:06 the end of the show
43:09 it’s going to spring out on everybody
43:12 but let me see here
43:17 I want to add something and find coffee
43:31 usually what I’m doing this doc is
43:33 talking but Doc’s not here tonight so
43:36. got a surprise for you guys we’re gonna
43:39 bring somebody in here somebody might
43:42 recognize you might not it’s hard to say
43:49 but if he ever gets snow then there’s
43:54 some cool stuff fixing to happen or
43:57 maybe not so cool really interested in
44:02 into the show you might not be Paul I
44:05 have a very vivid description of how
44:09 I feel about that and a lot of people
44:12 may or may not like it but there are
44:15 certain things that that I think it
44:17. should be done in tournaments and
44:18 certain things shouldn’t be done
44:19 terminus and if one of the things that I
44:21 don’t feel like ever needs to happen if
44:25 it didn’t happen you wouldn’t have these
44:28 problems so we’ll get into that a little
44:30 bit later it is
44:34 7:46 so we’ll see if we got this going
44:44 here in just a minute
44:51 Cindy needs a mic yes she does I hey you
44:55. guys have the option if you wanted to
44:57 have a mic and a thing we have the stuff
44:59 set up for her to have that she doesn’t
45:01 want one but I can put a microphone and
45:04 a camera on her start sending her
45:07 messages if you think she needs to do
45:09 that that’ll give her something to look
45:10 at during the day but I think that that
45:13 should be Sonny Parker you’re spot on
45:16 buddy I would love to have her do that
45:19 so senator message you tell her you
45:22 think she ought to be have a microphone
45:24 and and a camera on her she has a camera
45:32 well we all say things wrong sometimes
45:35 and the more excited I get the more it
45:37 happens but does doesn’t always pan out
45:40 that way you just do the best you can
45:42 and go on Hey welcome down hey guys
45:52 what’s going on we’ve been giving away
45:55 some  tuff but we’re gonna get ready and
45:57 give away some of your stuff here in
45:59 just a minute well we’re getting a
46:01 little feedback from you yeah yeah let
46:05 me I got a closeout one thing
46:15 okay I think that did it how’s that
46:17 that’s  lot better how you doing
46:19 tonight I’m doing just fine listening to
46:22 everybody and watching her all the chat
46:23 well he said it’s a rowdy group tonight
46:26 it is and Sonny said did you get on up
46:29 there with that trailer behind that
46:30 navigator and all that snow away all you
46:33 want
46:34 it happens Sonny you’re on your own
46:39 there’s just no way from a guy that grew
46:43 up in Buffalo New York right there as
46:48 much they suck yesterday as much as snow
46:53 as is in Buffalo New York I am quite
46:56 sure that you have seen all the snow
47:00 that you care about seeing I’ll tell you
47:03. I play a quick funny story when I was my
47:07 first year of college 1971 Dodge
47:10 Challenger convertible and I’m gonna
47:14 give and we had the biggest blizzard in
47:18 the history of western New York and I
47:21 worked in a health club at the time and
47:23 wanted my paycheck so during the
47:27 snowstorm I get into my convertible and
47:31 I can’t see out the windshield I put the
47:34 top down and looking over my windshield
47:38 to get to where I gotta go which is
47:40 about seven or eight miles away by the
47:43 time I got there my car was filled with
47:45 snow and I couldn’t go anywhere because
47:48 now the police said no more travel so
47:51 I’m stuck in a health club for two or
47:54 three days in a health club yeah well
47:58 that’s why I worked at a health club in
48:00 in college so that’s how come you knew
48:04 how to lose all that weight you lost no
48:08 I’ve learned I mean if anybody wants to
48:14 lose weight apple cider vinegar I swear
48:19 by it
48:19 unbelievable I’ve ripped off 30 pounds
48:21  in two months
48:23 that’s amazing amount of weight the only
48:26 person I know of this that’s done better
48:28 with
48:28 dad will Cindy’s lost quite a bit but
48:30 good yeah Jason Matheny lost over a
48:34 hundred pounds and he has doing a
48:37 similar thing or the same thing that
48:38 you’re doing and it’s amazing if you
48:42. guys see a picture of Jason Athena from
48:46 this time last year till now you might
48:50 not recognize him I mean other than
48:51 being six foot five he doesn’t wait for
48:55 hundred pounds any longer he weighs
48:57 under three looks awesome
49:00 and now those eighty and ninety pound
49:03 fish Edie cats will actually look like
49:05 eighty and ninety pound fish instead of
49:07 looking like thirty pound fish because
49:08 he was so big he do Wharf the fish you
49:11 never knew how big a fish that really
49:12 was yeah no I the first time I met Jason
49:15 was up at Mississippi River Monsters in
49:17 September easy he’s a big boy as it is I
49:20 miss and then with another hundred
49:23 pounds out of my god
49:24 yep you know and you get Dale is another
49:27 guy you know Dale people don’t realize
49:30 how tall de lizzie and chad ferguson
49:32 we’ve seen him down in texas I’ve met
49:35  Chad before but I’d forgot how tall he
49:37is I mean he’s a really big guy too ya
49:40 know there’s a lot of there’s you know
49:42  maybe it’s just it worked
49:44 what the hell what are you doing what is
49:52 my hat look crooked
49:53 I don’t know but to get a load of this
50:01 hat was a first
50:03 I’ve not seen that before she went
50:05 blonde what we didn’t see what come on
50:22 you know I’m not saying that over the
50:26 years Cindy hasn’t dyed her hair but
50:30 I’ll tell you that’s the first block
50:31 first time I ever seen it yeah I never
50:35 seen her blonde before you better be
50:37 careful
50:41 usually about this time of the her she
50:44 she has a Wicked Witch of the West thing
50:48. that she wears has got the oh she could
50:51 have found it as the pointy hat and a
50:52 kid out of their dope pointy hat and all
50:55 the stuff and the the look actually
51:00 would suit her sister Debbie better I
51:02 can say that cuz Debbie doesn’t watch
51:03. the show I don’t think so because if she
51:06 did she’d be beating on me team real and
51:09 the Blues is in the house Tyler Robinson
51:12 Lisa Haraway did she wear that for your
51:17 birthday now sunny she did it but she
51:20 made me a key cheesecake
51:22 she made me homemade vegetable soup and
51:25 the night before my birthday she took me
51:28 uptown we had a great dinner we have a
51:31 little restaurant in town that’s always
51:32 been a really really good place to eat
51:34 and we love going up there this time it
51:38 wasn’t quite up to their normal really
51:41 awesomeness but it was still great we
51:43 got to go up there and and had a
51:46 wonderful time just the two of us out
51:48 for the evening and then we come home
51:51 and like I say the next day I got cherry
51:54 cheesecake and our strawberry cherry
51:58 strawberry whatever and she may be a pot
52:02 a great big old pot of homemade
52:05 vegetable soup and I’ve gotten a little
52:06 bit of that left probably for another
52:09 couple of meals but I’ve been eating it
52:10 every day since she made it seems like
52:12 it’s like cabbage the more you cook it
52:14 the better eats David fun I had a 1971
52:19 challenger it wasn’t a 1971 it wasn’t in
52:23 1971 I was in college Carolina sky
52:29 astronomy says catfish weekly what do
52:31 you call a blonde that dyes her hair
52:33 another color artificial intelligence
52:37 oh yeah no said no cinnamon roll sunny
52:44 sorry man no cinnamon rolls she’s cut me
52:48 off of the cinnamon rolls heaven when
52:50 was the last time you made some it’s
52:51 been a while yeah been quite a while
52:54 so yeah Mississippi River Monsters was
52:58 the last last generals and I think only
53:00 was allowed one of those well what wait
53:04 a minute there were there were sailing
53:05 roles at Mississippi River Monsters was
53:08 it Mississippi River yeah she said yeah
53:10 I don’t remember be quite honest but all
53:13 of a sudden you going blank oh she said
53:17. you didn’t get none I don’t you didn’t
53:19 come around they was gone for you come
53:21 around only got one so hey you gonna
53:29 save me one oh you gotta have them when
53:33 they’re fresh you can’t be saving
53:34 cinnamon rolls besides if she’d saved
53:36 cinnamon rolls that’s when I get them is
53:38 what somebody else is supposed to get
53:40 them Wow okay
53:41 all right so so the Holiday Spectacular
53:46 you know I would always confused earlier
53:49 we’re gonna it’s six weeks to winners
53:52 every week and then at the end of
53:54 December 16th we’re gonna do a drawing
53:57 from those 12 winners from those 12
54:00 winners for grand prize prizes right
54:03 that’s exactly right and last year we
54:06 had several grand prize packages I did
54:08 and you’re gonna do the same thing this
54:10 year we are gonna do the same thing this
54:12 year and and we don’t know what we’re
54:15 gonna have for prize packages yet we’ll
54:18 know more about that as the sponsors
54:20. keep rolling in but like I say James
54:23 committed to $100 gift certificate
54:25 that’ll be one grand prize under who
54:27 doesn’t want $100 gift certificate from
54:29 recycle you know that’s a that’s a great
54:32 prize oh there’s not a bad price know if
54:38 it’s free it’s a great prize yeah I mean
54:40 we’re gonna we’re gonna throw in you
54:41 know make sure everybody should know
54:43. this we’re gonna throw in a whole bunch
54:44 of the merry fishnet stockings as well
54:46 absolutely and we’ll throw in some some
54:49 some fish miss suffers as well and you
54:56 know we might even throw a fish miss
54:58 stocking than a fish misaki a fish the
55:01 stocking in a fish mastani yeah sure I
55:04 lad I remember a couple years ago we
55:07 was
55:07 doing these giveaways at Christmastime
55:09 and Jason Huggins happened to be a
55:12 winner and he won more than one I don’t
55:16 remember how that worked out exactly but
55:19 we was one shy of having enough for all
55:22 of his kids and I message you and he
55:24 said just make sure that all the kids
55:26 get one and we sent him enough for his
55:28 entire I think he had four and a 1/3
55:31 Jason Huggins and we’ve done and we’ve
55:35 done the same thing with Dave Swearingen
55:37 up in Kansas see our jello coffee he he
55:40 won one and had two daughters and wanted
55:43 to buy another and he said just send him
55:44 another what’s that you know that’s kind
55:45 of how that worked out
55:46 and I know yeah I mean you’re good I
55:49 mean you’re not going to deprive one of
55:50 the kids now you know but I mean it’s
55:54 you know when I when I first came up
55:56 with the the Mary fishman stockings
55:59 Randy Howell his wife Randy has a great
56:04 bass fisher but for you catfish if i
56:06 don’t know who he is
56:07 yeah i know he ran Randy how is the best
56:09 master Classic champion a few years ago
56:12 unbelievable great guy and so it wife
56:18. suggested we do one a different color in
56:21 what the heck’s it what’s what’s that
56:24 bright green color called rain no Cindy
56:33 help me out here that kind of limey
56:35 green bright green color they are no
56:39 it’s not they on for your neon green but
56:41 it’s it’s I want to say fuchsia but it’s
56:43 not fuchsia it’s it’s uh anyway so I had
56:47 a so we actually chartreuse chartreuse
56:50 thank you very much don’t wake me up
56:53 real down we almost added a fourth
56:56 collar on kind of disappointed we didn’t
56:59 because you know the you know a lot of
57:01 people have you know two kids you know I
57:04 mean some people have more some people
57:05 have left but I always get well don’t
57:08 you have like a different color so that
57:09 my son can have this color and my
57:11 daughter can have this color my wife and
57:13 I could have different colors and it’s
57:15 like you know can I tell you break out
57:18 the spray paint yes right
57:21 well there’s only so many colors that
57:22 you can do and it doesn’t matter if
57:24 you’re making fisherman stockings or
57:27 fishing lures or whatever there’s only
57:30 so many you know so many you can Glen
57:33 what do you say that we pick out a
57:36 winner right now for the first one for
57:39 tonight we’ve got over a hundred people
57:42 in here and I’ll pull out the
57:44 participants and throw them in a random
57:46 door Tim will Tom Wilson the bait master
57:51 classic Wow they master classic that’s
57:56 when I stole master classic the bait
57:58 master classic well it kind of is what I
58:03 mean there’s aren’t even real fish are
58:06 they okay I mean you know I gotta be
58:12 fish neutral you know regular how you do
58:14 shots and it works great for though the
58:17 walleye the worm harness rigs and it
58:19 works great for you know any kind of
58:21 ring you can think of there’s there’s a
58:23 rig grip for it so that’s exactly right
58:25 I understand that the ring it’s hard to
58:28 convince a catfish guy that bass are not
58:32 it really is it’s really hard
58:35 well it’s uh so Glen yes with your
58:40 permission what we’re gonna give away to
58:43 these two winners tonight what he’s
58:45 looking for
58:46. well because I like to run things by you
58:48 first
58:49 well this is your show that money I know
58:52 but is your prizes cities permission I
58:55 don’t need money
58:56 how about some sinker slides easy sinker
58:59 slides yeah we can do that but you got
59:02 you have yep the 6-pack okay yep sit
59:05 back now each each winner will do one
59:09 now and one get in a little bit and
59:11 whoever wins these will be in the
59:14 drawing for the profit grand prize
59:17 winnings on December 14th 16th 16th 16th
what i  that I wrote down here I’d
59:27 probably been saying the wrong thing but
59:29 is it it’s December 16th but tonight
59:31 you’re gonna win so easy sinkers right
59:35 I better check just to make sure is
59:37. Monday December 16th Monday December
59:40 16th ok all right so I had these names
59:44 out of the chat in on the
59:47 ight computer and the first name that
59:50 pops up is Bob Coney up if Bob is from
59:56 Springfield which is not too far from me
59:58 and I’m not sure I’m pronouncing that
60:00 right but at Co NO in I UK Bob
60:05 congratulations we’re so glad you’re
60:07 watching the show tonight Glen thank you
60:09 for the donation of the prizes and I
60:11 know that you’ll give us some really
60:13 nice stuff to give away from on the 16th
60:16 when we do our grand prize stuff but Bob
60:19 you’re gonna get you a package of easy
60:21 sinker slides so if you’ll send me your
60:23 address I know you want something here
60:25 some time back but I don’t know if I
60:28 saved it into my mailing address account
60:31 so send it to me again after the show
60:33 and I’ll make sure that you get these
60:35 out Bob we need to go fishing one of
60:37 these days we keep talking about it
60:38 every time and messages bob is a is a
60:43 metal detecting guy and I’ve always
60:46 found that intriguing so he’s offered to
60:48 take me metal detecting show me how that
60:51 works and I’ll take him fishing I think
60:53 it’s a great trade off go ahead hey
60:56 that’s great congratulations first of
60:58 all Bob on the easy sticker so you’re
61:00 gonna like those absolutely you guys
61:02 I’ll turn you what Bob if you’re if
61:04 you’re an expert in metal detecting you
61:07 got to come up with a rig for me that
61:09 can be slowly towed behind a boat and
61:12. about anywheres from 3 to 15 feet
61:18 because along the coast here there’s all
61:22 sorts of old shipwrecks and I can’t tell
61:27 you the gold that’s been pulled out of
61:29 let’s say from Jupiter up to Fort Pierce
61:33 years ago there was somebody walking
61:36 along the beach after a hurricane here
61:38 in Jupiter and found a gold big gold
61:42. bill point and they found an old
61:46 shipwreck and
61:48 hundreds of millions of dollars worth of
61:51 treasure hunters opinions Oh hundreds of
61:54 millions of dollars only only probably
61:58 two or three hundred feet offshore man
62:01 that’d be awesome yeah I Bob used to do
62:04 a lot of YouTube videos and and I got to
62:07 seeing some of his videos that he done
62:09 about metal detecting when I was up late
62:13 at night doing stuff and he found some
62:16 pretty cool stuff in our area of course
62:18 we’re in a big Civil War area where
62:21 there’s a big battle and a battle field
62:24 and he found some really cool so I
62:26 distinctly ghing to do that sometime and
62:30 I believe he has a nephew that goes down
62:35 south somewhere and some of the
62:37. battlegrounds that find some really cool
62:38 stuff too but anyhow really awesome that
62:40 he does that we’re gonna go fish in one
62:42 of these days we’ll see how the metal
62:44 detecting comes out with me
62:46 I just just what I needs another
62:49 expensive hobby I got spend money on but
62:53 it is what it is Tom I do not know the
62:56 YouTuber near me that’s a new one on me
63:05 I don’t know he just asked if I knew
63:07 yeah I don’t know I’m either and I don’t
63:10 I just have no youtube I know is is
63:14 catfish Wheatley and dieter milhorn yeah
63:18. we’ll do the other hand a minute I can
63:20 okay oh um I don’t we owe them I spend
63:24 great youtubers out there yep I asked
63:28 Cindy I had to find out I couldn’t
63:30 remember but we how many spins have we
63:31 done three we do another spin for the
63:35 prize wheel so Glen picked me out a
63:38 number between one and five one one my
63:42 favorite David funk wants to discover a
63:47 new dinosaur and call it the
63:49 Soros
63:54 Chadwick wall is the winner of this spin
63:58 Chad walls a great friend of mine lives
64:01 over in Ohio done nice in D we see Matt
64:04 a lot of the tournaments and the catfish
64:06 conference might be in the end I’m not
64:08 sure
64:09 great guy does a lot of fishing spot
64:12 Prostaff I sell boats and Chad you have
64:19 won a pack of easy sinker slides come on
64:22 really
64:24 tonight that’s awesome you can’t see the
64:27 wheel oh it moved when I move this it
64:32 got moved how about that well we got we
64:37 got the split three now so you don’t
64:38 have the ball that’s what it is it’s
64:40 smaller yeah I never thought about that
64:41 but Chad contact me after the show with
64:44 your shipping address and I will ship
64:46 you out a pack of ez sinker slides
64:48 you’re gonna love them if you haven’t
64:50 already use them I know that you’re
64:51 going to love them as they are the
64:53 ultimate sinker slide you’ll have to cut
64:55 your line you snap them on snap them off
64:57 take them off take them on any way you
65:00 want to do it as many times you want to
65:01 do it they work great and they last
65:03 forever and Chad is in Chad
65:05 there you go so Glen thanks again for
65:08 all the prizes jump us out with in PDEs
65:12. this is the mask I wear year-round funny
65:18 yeah but again you know I shave my
65:20 goatee off because I mean it ya know
65:23 everybody’s asking me if I was you dude
65:26 dude this afternoon in the shop Cindy
65:29 says you’re looking a little bit shabby
65:30 let me help you out with that I have a I
65:32 have a pair of clippers in fact they’re
65:34 right here these are the ones they use
65:37 them for everything I’ve trimmed my
65:38  toenails with them and shave the dog’s
65:40 butt and all this now I don’t
65:42 but but Cindy comes out here and I’m
65:47 sitting in my chair and I’ve been
65:48 outside and it was actually warm enough
65:50 today that I worked up a little sweat
65:52 and she’s going to town with me all over
65:54 trying to get all that stuff off of me
65:56 to where I looked a little bit more
65:59 presentable for tonight djoko’s yeah
66:01. let’s face it after a while you got to
66:02 do a little something with it and I kept
66:04 hearing this Jeep
66:06 and she gets one side of be done and the
66:09 battery goes dead on the Clippers their
66:11 rechargeable and Here I am running
66:13 around with one side on one side off and
66:16 we couldn’t find the cord to charge them
66:18 up so here I’m thinking where you got
66:20 two choices I’m either gonna do this
66:23 with half side got rid of and the other
66:26 side blowed out or we’re gonna have to
66:29 go buy a new set of clippers and we
66:31 looked all over the shop and and I had
66:34actually taken them to Texas when we’re
down there so we looked in the truck we
looked in my camera bag we looked in my
bag that’s got all of the video
equipment we looked in the bag that I
keep my laptop in and we not only done
this once or twice we got three or four
times and the charger happened to be on
my workbench over there underneath a
piece of paper and Cindy after I looked
on that bench three times she ended up
walking over there picking it up and
they got to finish me up but I was
almost half and half before the end of
the show so well there wasn’t one I
thought she was gonna take half my head
off but not recently by the way somebody
asked if the easy slides if we sell in
bulk and yes we have a bulk pack of 48
absolutely and that is for people that
lose a lot of stuff like I do that’s an
excellent way to purchase them they’re
reasonable and if you is it possible
Kingdom Blake you would need some
because we lost a lot of stuff down
there and you can ask doc and and he
fish with Steve Douglas and those guys
lost a whole bunch of stuff down there I
think we mentioned it last week doc had
a big package of hooks I don’t know if
it’s fifty or hundred but by the time
the tournament was done and he got ready
to go home he had three left in that
package so they lost 31 so yeah I heard
we’re going through a lot of rigs but
those three pack 60 had everything they
needed right there at their fingertips I
did you know when I took both of my rig
packs down there Glen I never had to get
into the second one I never lost so many
that I had to get into the second one in
one day but I took them both down there
I still like the blue one I use it all
the time I have one of them set up for
tournament fishing the blue one adjusted
the new the new rig pack is a little bit
more refined and it’s got its got the
outside net pocket on it there’s a few
other features yes yeah it’s just it’s
just a newer updated version but there’s
the blue one is great and mine almost
still looks new cause I take the vacuum
sweeper to it and clean it up after we
come in from each strip and set it
inside in fact I can see them both right
now along with my new handle yeah yeah
did you take the back out with you I did
and it actually had a lot of guys we set
out side we had a picnic table out in
front of our cabin and one night that
the tailgate was down and I put a lot
anything that I don’t have a spot for in
a boat I put it in the back of the truck
at night so it doesn’t walk away not
that it would but things happen and the
tailgate was down and people would come
over and take a look at it and spud
Barton was one of the guys it did what a
great guy he come over and wanted to
look at it I say hey man take everything
out there and put it back make sure it’s
you know you understand everything about
it if it’s something you want they’ll be
on the market really soon and
everybody’s gonna want him and you want
to get your name in that quick but man I
had a great time with spud and his
girlfriend they just super people did
they like the call yeah he said he did
I’m not sure how much room he’s a guy so
I don’t know how you by the time you
take someone in and you’re guiding them
I’m not sure how much room he would have
with his guide and all the stuff in
there cuz he keeps at least one bait
tank for live bait in there but he’s got
a really nice room do you need than this
yeah other than lay it I can fit
everything I need for a fishing trip in
mind I mean this it’s friggin massive it
is it’s big and I showed you how big of
plastic boxes I get in mine
yeah back up a little bit here yeah
yep they get a lot of stuff in them
they’re awesome man
now do you still have your sail Glen on
yeah we still have a few left yup okay
so and then what’s the price on those on
the pre roller it’s uh you get 10 bucks
it’s $39.99 plus you get free shipping
on the pre-orders and they start
production next week next week so you
should have them what the next go around
when they ship Ceph well yeah what’s
gonna happen is is that because they’re
you know obviously they’re not full like
this one was there they’re gonna leave
they ship flat right okay I’m gonna have
the first 100 air expressed in so we’re
not waiting for a boat for a month
Oh that’d be cool yeah does it have a
bait tank – no it does not have a bait
but yeah right here I don’t see my eggs
yeah oh yeah I got the yes I do Carl I
have the big thick boxes that I use I
don’t know 3,700 is that what they call
pretty 700 it’ll fit a 3,600 finish
3,700 yeah and now now what that 3,700
it is full I will tell you that it is
full but they’ll fit in there all you
have to do is listen um I’m having it
made I’m actually getting about 10
centimeters or 10 millimeters which is
about a little less than half an inch to
that so it’s not as tight and then
they’ll have plenty of room and it still
fit the smaller what’s in it – Sonny
Parker says do you have his name on the
list yet I don’t know did you did you
Sonny do order one if he hasn’t he
should know I’m not hitting the jug I
just ice water
he’s drinking it I wish it was shiny I
really did so so okay so so docks down
at wheeler him on there for the king cat
classic right that’s correct and they
they just wrapped up the was it the
crappie us a mop yes a classic yep and I
can’t believe what you told me today
well you know there was some guys in
there there was a gentleman that and and
I’m gonna say this first there has never
ever been a legitimate reason to allow
treilery in a tournament other than not
having enough places to park there’s no
reason for that all it does is open up a
venue for people to do things that
they’re not supposed to do which is
exactly what happened at their
tournament they allowed trailering this
guy trailer to his spot it just happened
to be on a different late than the
tournament was held on and the whole the
way they handle that was very poor if
they asked the guy if he was sure he
went away his fish because they had
video of him fishing where he was
supposed to be what the what the
intelligent thing to have done was let
him wade the fish and if he won money
let him collect that money and then
arrest him right there on the stage that
way they can prosecute him that the way
they did it they can’t prosecute him
because he didn’t weigh the fish so he
done nothing wrong that tells me there’s
a little favoritism of some kind going
on that shouldn’t have been there
because just let him wait a fish that’s
an assumption
yeah that’s an assumption exactly yeah
but if they be letting Wade the fish
they had video and pictures of him
fishing of the lake that’s just one of
the many things that trailering brings
to the table now everybody relies on
polygraph tests polygraph tests
depending on which study you look at are
from 70 to 90 percent accurate that’s
why they’re not admissible in court now
they’re the best we have and I
completely understand they’re the best
way to stop things from happening that
we have today but if they’re not
admissible in court it tells you there’s
too much of an open end for them to be
100 percent reliable are they using in
courtrooms now the but the real
part about trailering and catfish
terminus is the fact that they beat the
hell out of it fish going up and down
them roads guys running 70 80 90 mile an
hour with no cost of flow water goes in
there and then fish you’re getting
bounced off because let’s face it the
roads these days aren’t they good and
they get the hell beat out I’m going up
and down the road that is enough of a
reason right there that there should
never be trailering allowed in a
tournament but some people to want to do
it because they don’t want to get out of
bed you’ll check live wells and release
the anglers off like a normal tournament
situation they’re afraid somebody will
get hurt I’ve never seen other than our
boat getting tagged by another boat that
take off in Grand Forks one year I’ve
never seen an incident on a take off and
they released six and 700 boat bass
tournaments all the time that way so
there’s no reason well the other that
where’s the trailer in defense of
traveling not that I’m a fan of it I’m
not but in in some venues and you know
like like George and Bryan are putting
together two more tournaments in
Caruthersville and in Helena their
launch sites are minimal there’s no way
you can get a hundred boats in there now
in a timely way or get them out of there
so so they allow people to trailer up
for go north or south to the next launch
and and that’s where the trailer comes
into play now what they did do is they
did change rules so that you have to
have a 60 gallon minimum live well you
know oxygen is encouraged and things
like that so again I’m not a fan of
trailering but in circumstances life you
have in these venues that have these
small ramps there’s really not too much
you can you can you can do about that
well the way a lot of the ways they film
the fix that is if you launch in a
different Rampton you got a boat down to
the main ramp take off barking is the
issue but if they have another parking
area they can get some of these
companies that’s got side besides to
take people back and forth to where they
have to there’s ways around it yes I
mean I don’t I don’t have the answer for
like I said I’m not a fan of the trailer
I think that you know help something
it’s better that you know folks launch
from one site so liable to be checked it
quite frankly in all fairness to the
venue to the city to the area for their
own economy to keep it to keep it
consolidated and keep it in place at
that location when you start sending
people to different ramps you know
they’re gonna spend the night you know
in you know near the ramp they’re gonna
launch from and they’re not gonna write
that in that particular city so you know
it’s there’s pros and cons to everything
I just there is fortunate to that you
know what happened this past week in it
that that crappie event that somebody
would be that low to to to try to cheat
but you know when there’s when you’ve
got thousands of dollars on the line as
far as first place people get real
creative as far as how they’re gonna
know they’re gonna try to cheat the
system well this guy had been dropped
from a major sponsor a couple of months
before so it’s not like they hadn’t
suspected him of doing wrong
Morales Texas fishing we had a great
time at PK so are we going to go back
there’s a good chance we probably will
we had a great time with some of the
greatest people do ever put on a catfish
tournament the boys from Possum Kingdom
are some excellent guys Brian’s Guinean
and all of them guys are a blast we had
a ball down there so we go back to pk
probably so you know I don’t mind losing
a rig once in a while we had our the
place we stayed we talked about this
last week a little bit was a little
tight cindy and i required a little bit
bigger venue to stay but man I don’t
think I’d want to stay anywhere else
everybody that we wanted to be around
was at that campground it was really fun
I mean it was just a blast doc and
Steven and Chris Flores and his partner
they stayed just hop skip and a jump
from us we can walk back and forth and
visit which we did some it was it’s
really a unique place I think that
everybody that likes to fish big catfish
Thomas should go to pk it might not be
something that you enjoy as much as we
do because we enjoy the people and the
crowds around it if we catch fish that’s
a bonus
for us but we had a blast down there was
some of the finest people we met some
new people down there we had two boys
Glen that was at their very first
catfish tournament and they was in they
took had a slide in overhead camper on a
pickup and they unloaded it and instead
on stands for stands and they stayed in
that and then used their truck to pull
the boat back and forth to launch areas
they come over nearly every day and
visited with us and they’d have
questions and and Dave Studebaker and
myself and and spud we was all showing
them different catfish rigs that we used
they had never been in a tournament
before and that’s a huge one to start
out at with 200 boats in it and I don’t
remember them doing much in the
tournament but hell we didn’t either you
know but we had a blast and they was
enjoying stuff and they would stay up
and we would have a couple adult
beverages till 10 11 12 o’clock at night
you know and them guys and you went
through a little bit of Krone didn’t you
I did a little bit east oh it’s so much
more fun to do that around a bunch of
people that you enjoy being around and
let’s face it fishermen or some of the
greatest people that you could spend
time with and when you’re sitting
outside and it’s 65 60 65 degrees and
you’re sitting around a picnic table and
you’re telling lies and talking about
catfishing and and products that we all
use and like I say spreads over there
looking through the my rig pack and the
pack all and he’s checking it all out
and and we we just done that the whole
weekend it was really a blast so we go
back to to Texas absolutely we had a
great time and they did a great job in
the life v2 they really did I don’t know
if anybody’s caught the peak a live feed
but if you haven’t go back and take a
look at it they asked apparently a crew
tube to do the live feed
Friday they had a couple of issues that
they addressed and got it all worked out
for Saturday yeah what was that that’s
what I’ve been preaching for years
that’s how you do a live feed well one
thing that that we’ve talked about
before and I’ll mention it again is the
live feed when you’re doing a tournament
weigh-in and I’m gonna guess any correct
me if I’m wrong here but at the pique
turn tournament there was probably what
five or six hundred or maybe eight
hundred people at that weigh-in with
participants in the local community that
come in to watch the weigh-in it was it
was packed inside and there was a lot of
people outside that that people didn’t
see a standing-room-only but that’s just
a drop in the bucket to the amount of
people that are affected during the live
feed that gets broadcast from YouTube
and Facebook those live feeds affect so
many people and the people that are
paying money and getting their name out
the sponsors that are supporting this
event that’s where their benefit comes
because people can watch that on
Facebook or YouTube two years from now
and those sponsors names are still out
there so that’s the the biggest deal
those live feeds have got to be done
right and I know it’s all its Nadel yep
we’re all working on it trying to get it
better I’ve tried to help some guys with
that but it was yadgiri it was packed
Saturday’s likes a standing-room-only
inside and out but the that’s where
that’s where your sponsors get their
benefit from from producing products to
be given away or cash to be part of the
payout is from the fact that the it’s
not just the people watching the
tournament because there’s not that many
compared to how many watch live or later
there’s not near as many people as there
is at watch online there’s way as a
sponsor that’s what I’ve always been
preaching is that look if you’ve got to
give the sponsors rigged rap and
everybody else yeah all they’re do I
mean you’ve got you’ve got to get get
their brands out there that’s what
you’re doing this for they’re obviously
doing it to support this
and those that are participating but
more so for those eyeballs to get people
aware of your products and brand and
then that’s so so important and I think
everybody can understand it I think it
well you know it’s just like you Glenn
when you come out with a new product
whether it be a a sinker slider whether
it be a pack all or the rig back 60 or
whatever it is you’ve got to get that in
front of people so they know what that
product is available I mean that’s what
we do and that we you know we give we
give away product we give away a lot of
product and that’s so that people have
the opportunity to see it to use it to
talk about it etcetera yes exactly and I
mean but again we do that for both the
brand recognition we do that to get to
get our products out there but we do
you know equally so to support the sport
in that to me personally is very very
important that that we give the the
sport of fishing and not just catfishing
but crappie and walleye and bass and
everything else you know the the support
that we can you have company as a brand
and myself is you know personally so
it’s all important it’s all important
it is and but yeah your you have a
unique situation where you do more than
just catfish products a lot of the
people that sponsor when you quit
sponsor catfish events and this is
something I’m gonna bring out for people
looking for sponsors is catfish specific
only we have a lot of things that we do
whether it be products that we give away
products that we use or sponsors have
kept this specific only products now I
am under I think that a lot of these
guys that are looking for sponsorships
from people to donate for tournaments or
for personal sponsorship you need to
look outside the box and see if there’s
somebody that does something else maybe
it’s not even catfish specific but get
involved with something that’s not out
there there is only so many rig wrapped
companies there’s only so many
eagleclaw hook companies they can only
support so many people so if there’s
someone else in your community that
offer something that’s standing behind
the fishing community get them involved
if what you’re doing
I know these tournament guys I noticed
that a lot of pique they have a lot of
sponsors that are not have anything to
do with fishing like the hardware store
or the local the local guys if you get
yeah if you can get guys that that will
stand up behind you and help you in some
way you have to sometimes you have to
look outside the norm a couple of people
at sea john patrick do we a sportsman
supply wear or Sportsman’s Warehouse
yeah we’re gonna actually try to get in
the Sportsman’s Warehouse works with
warehouse had our cutters for a while
well so with other questions we’re gonna
try to get done we’re gonna try to get
the rig wrap products into Academy NICs
Sportsman’s Warehouse or well they’re
all on my radar
especially the easy slides and the
yellow and the orange rig wraps who
remembers this when she was little bitty
oh man she’s really grown she’s almost
big as me can’t hardly let her lay on me
and watch when I’m sleeping anymore she
wakes me up really you dressing up the
oh good Napa stores sponsors their
tournament down there that’s awesome
yeah that’s really cool and a lot of
those guys have a lot of money for that
you just have to get in there and and
and make sure that you get your name in
the Hat early enough because a lot of
people don’t understand how this works
but most companies having a lot of
amount of money that they can give away
for prizes and or cash depending on the
size of the company but by the 1st of
the year that’s usually already gone are
spoken for by somebody else because
people hit
up year round and and when we done that
kind of stuff you just can’t do it year
round you have to there’s a limit you
got to stop because if you don’t stop
you just keep doing it Cindy used to get
on me about that but you you set
yourself a number of this is how much
product I can give away this how much
cash we can give away and as soon as
that’s gone then you have to tell them
what next year you have to try again
but that’s about as good as you can do
because if you didn’t you won’t you
won’t have any you run out you just do
chaptered know you didn’t find a new
host for the show ducks down a wheeler
knows they have a connection and instead
of Lyle talking to himself I jumped in
here and making a fool out of me we’re
just gonna give away some more your
stuff in fact okay what do you say that
we do our you know Stephens got a
question two quick clips whatever the
quick clips you showed everybody here
told me good because they’ve created he
created a monster oh there was some
there’s refinement they had to be done
they’ve got they’ve got to make a couple
of small changes and as soon as I get
the pre-production samples in we’re
going to have them start producing it
sold won’t be until after the first of
the year but they are coming in the
quick clips you’re gonna love these
quick clips
all right you show them show them the
bigger woman that’s the compound
it’s a second have you got any
information on Texoma yet on where you
need to fish we need to talk I do not I
know I understand from what I’ve noticed
of that Lake you have two major arms and
I think either need to be on the north
one of the South one that’s about as
good as I can get I hope that we can
make it down there I’m gonna bring out
the biggest one cuz it’s easiest to see
glim yeah but these are amazing let me
let me preface let me preface before
before you bring it up and tell them for
the Hollanders between about okay you’re
all familiar with these speed clips
alright they look like a paper clip
let’s see you brought it out before I
could explain it oh okay so you’re
I’ll familiar with these now I was
looking at this is about about six
months ago or so I’m looking at these
and I’m thinking to myself what’s wrong
with these the problem is is that a lot
of these things are they they’re either
just a half-round or some way you would
actually actually have like a v-shape to
the tips and I went it doesn’t give you
full range of motion so I developed our
own quick clip and I gave it full range
of motion then we’re gonna do it in 50
pound 125 pound and 200 pounds stainless
steel now you can show them Wow
okay I’m gonna Benji’s brought it up of
the different sizes so it’s this is the
first rack we’re gonna pack them up 24
to package and again I’m waiting for the
final numbers so don’t hold me to this
but they’re gonna be probably about
$7.99 a pack for 24 that ain’t bad
there’s other people out there I think
they have 10 in a pack and they sell
them for like $6.99 but there’s the
three sizes I can’t hold them up all at
once that’s the sad part but the big one
that’s the 200 pounder you’re holding up
right there that’s the big one that’s
how it’s got that full range of motion
there’s right here no point on these are
circular right the others will actually
bind up and I’ve use it some of the
others and I get along fine with them
but when you reel a man you’ll notice
you know Wow one of the things that I
found on the conventional ones if you
will okay is that when they when they
bend those and they actually give them
that little V in there under a under a
microscope what happens is the metal
wrinkles sorry actually little
serrations in that metal tip so if
you’ve got a line in there it could very
easily cut it
that’s exactly right Daniel you have you
might have to show me where they’re at
when we get down there Jerry by the dam
I like to fish dams on the river I’m not
sure how the dam on tech sum will be but
trust me when we get there I’ll know
more about it
the very first day if there’s a chance I
can fish a damn I’ll be fishing a damn
biggest thing about dams on rivers is a
dam on the river is the biggest piece of
structure there has produces the most
oxygen so if the most oxygen is gonna be
there what else is gonna be there
bait and if baits there shows the fish
love fish dams really do Billy Mays
they’re calling me Billy Mays but wait
there’s more
really please are these new products
with you guys because I you know I want
you guys be the first to know what’s
coming and I and I get tonight you know
they went into my pocket
the other day I said I’m not gonna I’m
not gonna that’s it no more I’m not
gonna do any more forget it
Amaka everybody new stuff I’m not gonna
give you any more ideas that’s it you
guys are done
you’re coming what do you think about
giving away this a pack of easy sinker
why why why all of a sudden you have to
go away and give away something to give
mine again because that way they can get
in the prizes for the big grand prize
drawing the 16th well we have a dozen
second Holiday Spectacular drawing no
we’re getting ready to do that right now
I’m getting ready to load them up
Jessica I have come he is for Glenn
that’s pretty calm to be quiet oh that’s
not true I’m just having fun now this is
the first time that I pulled this chat
up the catfish weekly showed up in it of
course we can’t win but usually we’re
not listed in there but we are tonight I
know doc has said that before all right
we’re gonna do one spin and see who the
winner is and the winner is John Patrick
three congratulations John well it
wasn’t that Joe was just John Patrick
giving me a hard time it was no it
wasn’t you
yeah I don’t know that’s probably but it
could have been Janet could have been
about if the other people yeah or a
hundred congratulations John you are
one of the two Prize winners send me
your shipping address I will send you a
package of ez sinker slides out in the
mail you will receive them and you are
now in ret entered in the drawing for
the Holiday Spectacular December 16th
gonna be a big show Glenn will have a
lot of fun doc will be in here for that
I know so that’s your last year the show
went on for like two hours two-plus
hours with oh it was a long show yeah it
was and remember to with with YouTube
and correct me if I’m wrong well but
thank you
the chat is limited to like 200 or 250
people so if that is correct you’ve got
to be in early and you got to stay in
order you lose your place your people
get back exactly right and and I’ve
asked to have the chat number increased
and they won’t do it so you know it
kinda is what it is like I say that is
another one of the reasons why we want
to expand into Facebook to do them in
conjunction with one another and we’ve
actually done that a few times but we
want to get it to where it’s really
reliable and it works great the problem
is like I mentioned earlier with
Facebook you cannot drag the names out
I’ve seen it you can’t drag the names
out of there and put them in a giveaway
because they don’t allow that so if we
do giveaways in chat you’re still gonna
have to watch and be in the chat on
YouTube but if you just want to watch it
you don’t want to win prizes then you
can any any number of people millions of
people can watch on YouTube our Facebook
and and one of the things that that I’ve
talked about before and I’m gonna
mention again these I get it everyone
swear I’ll get a message well such as
such as doing a facebook life he’s got
thousands and thousands of views well
every time you’re on a phone and you
scroll down if you scroll past somebody
that’s has done a feed and it makes a
noise you don’t even have to stop if it
is forward if you skip over it that is a
Freight free for Facebook and if you do
that 50 times a day every time it makes
a noise on every one of them it’s on
there it’s counted as a view if you take
all of those out and and see how many
people actually watch it for extended
period time they’re down to where they
don’t have near as many views too it’s a
proven fact you can look it up I mean
it’s it’s that’s just the way it is but
every time it makes a noise that’s a
view we’re on YouTube you actually have
to watch it for a certain pretty time
and then it retains the amount of time
that people watch your show and believe
it or not our retention factor is way up
there I’ve checked out some videos where
guys do fishing videos and our shows
actually have longer retention than a
lot of the videos that people watch so
I’m pretty pleased with all that well
yeah that it’s you do a good job Lyle
you do a great job you and Doc and Cindy
it’s great to do that every every Monday
night and get my butt kicked
Christine Kristina one of the things
that I think that needs to be done on
any tournament over about 30 boats I
think well probably over 15 or 20 I
think boats should be released in
numbers of lots of five or ten at a time
depending on how big the venue is and
how many you can safely launch out and I
believe the correct way to do it is
everybody always says I can’t get people
to commit they won’t enter early if you
want to get your numbers for early
entries in any tournament you’ll release
them at a launch of five to ten at a
time and the first ones that enter are
the first ones that leave and your
numbers for entries will escalate
because everybody wants to get out early
especially people it’s got like slow
boats like our tracker it runs 34 mile
an hour if we take it to a tournament
next week I want to be in the top ten
because if I’m not everybody there dog
that’s not an RDA enemy they’ll all pass
me now with the Alumacraft not so much
but that’s how you get early entry
numbers in to find out how many people
are gonna be there so you can say your
sponsors we got this many people is you
release them in
order they pay their entry and they’ll
get that money in there to you
yeah well that’s if you could have a
central launch site that’s the way to do
it I agree it’s just that you know it’s
it’s you know I’m working with George
and Bryan on these next two big
tournaments that are coming up for
Caruthersville in July next year and
then Helena in August you know we’re
going to be two big tournaments are
going to be paying out twenty thousand
dollars first place both death events
that’s a lot of dough it’s it’s it’s
that’s just that’s just you know
starting off now there’s it’s gonna be
limited to a hundred hundred teams each
variety prevent that and now we haven’t
gotten all the sponsors in place yet
so once that happens it’s going to be
you know there’s gonna be more cash and
prizes to be had so these are going to
be great events they really are and you
know anybody that has his fish River
Monsters knows that that you know George
really knocks himself out to to put on a
great event and you know build dance
from what I understand will be at these
events as well you know we’ve got some
great stuff you know in the works for
both both you actually all three of the
events Mississippi River Monsters
included so I don’t know if people know
this but but you know I had helped help
George this past year with Mississippi
River Monsters just to get him back on
track from he had sold it and took it
back and had a very short period of time
to kind of get things in order so I lent
whatever I could assistance to him for
for this year and you know Lyle you were
kind enough you jumped in there helped
and Eddie white did and there were a
bunch of other people that did Tuesday
morning 8090 Negrete of it
and it was it was a great event yeah it
turned out well we tried to do a really
you know cutting-edge live feed but we
just didn’t have the internet connection
which you know really got me you know
all wound up
but but anyways you got Helena coming up
so it’s gonna end up being
Caruthersville in July Helena in in
August and then Mississippi River
Monsters in October and then PK and and
I’m sorry mr. Burgermeister September PK
in October so there’s four months with
some pretty high-end events and lots of
money to be had so if you’re really good
and you can win all four events you can
walk away with probably well over you
know a hundred grand that’d be really
good I need to be doing some of that PD
that there’s a world of difference
between gamers and guys that do live
chats gamers is a whole new world I
don’t do any of the games but I know
that them guys have astronomical numbers
that watch them or play the games with
them or whatever but that’s a different
world than what we do or the gamer
channel I got a buddy might his kids are
always watching those things on YouTube
but are they giving them like tricks and
things like that as far as not yeah
right yeah yeah
now Jerry Dillard says they stick around
till the end for docs tip of the week
well Doc’s not here tonight Jerry so I’m
gonna make this a sunny Parker specific
tip of the week when you shovel snow
bend at the knees that’s a great one but
the one I have is sunny don’t eat yellow
there you go one move move he hug it
where it’s warmer you know we move south
we really did we moved to south Missouri
it just wasn’t quite far enough south to
get away from the cold but we we grew up
in it so we’ll be good you know it’s
we’re not moving again the next time I
move Cindy’s gonna put me in an old
folks home and that’s where I’ll finish
out my days I’m I’m not gonna be I’m not
packing stuff up and moving it ever
again just not going to movies sucks it
does it does listen Clem we are
great show tonight thanks everybody for
watching we got 80 some thumbs up couple
of thumbs down that’s par for the course
we had I don’t remember how many over a
hundred that was watching wala going it
varies because people go in and out and
they come back sometimes they don’t come
once we have that many people here
everybody saw Cindy is a blonde yeah
yeah I’m sure so so that was new for me
that was a first but it was a great time
we’re gonna be talking about this
Holiday Spectacular for the next what
five weeks after tonight and we’re going
to be talking about other people’s
104:35 products we’re gonna be talking about
104:37 some more about Glenn stuff and and as
104:40 the sponsors start telling us what
104:42 they’re gonna donate we’ll start
104:44 bringing that that stuff to you guys as
104:46 it goes along so be sure to tune in doc
104:49 should be back next week we’re gonna
104:51 start getting a few guests back on with
104:53 we’ve enjoyed this a lot of people like
104:55 the list of the doc and I talked about
104:56 fishing and different things that we do
104:58 and we enjoy doing that too but we’ve
105:01 got a couple of guests that I think you
105:02 guys are really gonna enjoy I’ll get
105:04 them lined up letter by know when it’s
105:06 gonna be Glenn you got any closing
105:08 statements be ever safe Halloween that’s
105:17 right
105:18 don’t scare the kids to bed thank you
105:23 guys for watching catfish weekly see you
105:25 next Monday night

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