Palmetto Cats – Piscifun Alloy M Saltwater Casting Reel & Swagg From CATAPALOOZA

Palmetto Cats – Piscifun Alloy M Saltwater Casting Reel & Swagg From CATAPALOOZA

Palmetto Cats: 

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Palmetto Cats / Kevin Lakin: Piscifun Alloy M Saltwater Casting Reel & Swagg From CATAPALOOZA

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00:00 what’s up everybody kevin from palmetto
00:02 cats today’s episode is going to be a
00:04 little different
00:05 than the rest today we’re going to be
00:07 unboxing the brand new
00:09 pc fun alloy m low profile reel
00:12 i’m also going to be showing you all the
00:14 cool swag and gear i got
00:16 from the catapalooza that was this past
00:18 weekend
00:19 let’s get to it all right y’all this is
00:21 the pc fun
00:22 alloy m brand new from pc fun
00:26 it features eight plus one ball bearings
00:29 seven
00:30 five to one gear ratio a retrieve rate
00:33 of 29.5 inches per turn
00:36 that features 22 pounds of max drag
00:39 it weighs a whopping 7.4 ounces so it’s
00:42 gonna be a small reel
00:44 looks like it’ll hold 175 yards of seven
00:47 pound test monofilament
00:48 and 165 yards of 20 pound
00:52 braid so it’s a small reel i think
00:54 that’s the first thing we’re going to
00:55 notice
00:56 when we take it out the box the box
00:57 itself is pretty small
00:59 all right so as we open the box you’re
01:01 probably going to see a lot of familiar
01:03 things we have the reel
01:04 wrapped in plastic and then the pc
01:07 fun schematic that comes with it and
01:10 i’ve learned that these are not
01:12 for you to tear the reel apart or put
01:14 them back together it’s so you can refer
01:16 to the parts list
01:17 if something were to fail you can get in
01:19 contact with the
01:20 pc fund and they’ll send you out the
01:22 part you need as we take it out just as
01:24 I
01:25 suspected it’s a very small reel
01:28 very smooth reel similar clicking
01:31 on the drag the reel i have is a
01:33 right-handed reel but it does come in a
01:36 left-handed
01:37 reel option additionally if you wanted
01:40 a different gear ratio this is a 751
01:44 it also comes in a 631 and an
01:47 841 gear ratio to fit your needs
01:51 i’ll just take you for a quick tour
01:52 around the reel we have our precise
01:55 drag settings over here tensioner knob
01:58 which clicks so you know that you’re
02:00 turning it
02:00 it’s not a power handle but it is an
02:02 oversized paddle handle which i like
02:05 inside comes with a carbon fiber handle
02:08 pc fun claims that this reel is going to
02:10 be very
02:11 durable the adc 12 grade aluminum frame
02:14 of the alloy and bait casting reel says
02:16 they say it offers exceptional
02:18 durability
02:19 it’s corrosion resistant and impact
02:21 resistant
02:22 which helps you battle hard fighting
02:2 4fish in fresh or in salt water that’s
02:26 straight from their website it features
02:28 precise
02:29 magnetic braking has 12 magnets which
02:32 offers a quick
02:32 on the fly adjustment to avoid
02:34 backlashes no matter what the conditions
02:36 you face
02:37 this reel has four 10 percent larger
02:39 carbon drag washers
02:41 and one oversized hamai cnc brass gear
02:45 which allows it to have 22 pounds of
02:47 drag
02:48 that hamay cut technology they say is
02:50 designed with more teeth
02:52 than typical systems to increase the
02:54 overall smooth
02:55 performance when they first sent me this
02:57 rule i wasn’t sure what i was going to
02:59 do with it it’s too small for catfish
03:01 just doesn’t have the line capacity i’d
03:03 want to
03:04 fight catfish so i think i’m going to
03:07 put it on a bait rod
03:08 and use it to catch bluegill herring big
03:11 shell cracker
03:12 and as i use this reel more and more
03:14 i’ll let you know what i think about it
03:16 in my videos
03:17 so just keep checking out my videos and
03:19 then once we’re at the end of a
03:21 six-month trial i’ll give you my overall
03:23 impression of it and let you know what i
03:24 think the alloy
03:26m saltwater
03:29 casting reel if you want to go ahead and
03:31 check this reel out the alloy m
03:33 go to the website it’s running
03:36 for 89.99 however
03:39 if you use the code cat 18 cat18
03:44 you will save 18 on your entire order
03:48 no minimum no maximum and that works on
03:51 all their rods and reels tackle bags
03:54 everything
03:54 make sure you use that code cat18
03:58 or is it cat18 i don’t know we’ll see
04:02 next up i’m going to show you some
04:03 things i got from catapalooza some
04:05 things that were given to me some cool
04:06 swag
04:07 and some things i bought you might
04:09 notice i got a new hat
04:10 i got several new hats anna and i both
04:13 did this is my new catfish
04:15 green pepper hat you can get these
04:17 custom hats at
04:20 and you can save 20 by using my discount
04:23 code
04:24 it’s in the description and i got this
04:26 cool hat
04:28 i also picked up this cool hat oh you
04:30 know i like that green
04:32 motor brand we had the wonderful
04:35 opportunity of meeting
04:37 a lot of people that subscribe to the
04:39 channel we appreciate
04:40 every single one of you and some people
04:43 even gave us some gifts
04:45 and i’m gonna show you those right now
04:46 we got this cool hat from size matters
04:48 catfishing
04:50 on youtube be sure to check them out
04:52 super nice guy
04:54 thanks man i met bob from bobcat
04:56 outdoors he gave me some stickers for my
04:58 boat
04:59 and he gave me a few extras so i can
05:00 give him away during the iron cat
05:02 tournaments
05:03 i also met daryl from trophy secret
05:05 outdoors who gave me some
05:06 awesome stickers one from a boat and one
05:09 for giveaways
05:10 not only that let me show you what else
05:12 he gave me he gave me a brand new akuma
05:15 avenger
05:16 abf65b for the iron cat tournaments to
05:20 give away
05:21 to the fans i’ll show you what’s inside
05:24 brand new
05:24 in the package akuma i don’t even want
05:27 to take it out it’s so pretty so if
05:29 you’re spinning real person
05:31 you’ll have a chance to win this in the
05:33 prizes
05:35 i’ll take it out for you look at that
05:37 beauty full
05:39 go check out trophy secret outdoors on
05:41 youtube
05:42 tell them kevin sent you i got some
05:44 other amazing stickers too let me show
05:46 you
05:46 got a catfish now sticker from mr ron
05:49 presley
05:50 i got a tackle bandit sticker and
05:53 a tackle banded hat which will be given
05:55 away
05:56 during the iron cat it’s green
05:58 [Laughter]
06:00 then i made my way over to rock creek
06:02 outdoors
06:03 they gave me a cool hat and a sticker
06:05 and i met kevin
06:07 yeah his name’s kevin too and we talked
06:09 about the rodzilla
06:11 for a pontoon boat that’s right he’s
06:13 going to be making a rodzilla for a
06:15 pontoon boat
06:16 and hopefully i’ll get to try it out and
06:19 let you know how
06:20 it works it’s no secret that i use never
06:23 lost anchors
06:24 so i went over and saw my friend daniel
06:26 rimmer at the never lost anchorage booth
06:28 and he gave me this sweet green never
06:30 lost anchors hat
06:31 and he even hooked anna up with an
06:34 orange hat
06:35 thank you daniel as you guys know i
06:37 recently broke my pb
06:40 so i’m now a member of the 50-pound
06:42 catfish club
06:43 and while i was there i got a 10-pound
06:45 sticker and a 30-pound sticker
06:47 and a 20 pound sticker hadn’t caught a
06:49 40 on camera so i’m going to hold off on
06:51 getting that one
06:52 next one is the 60 after that all right
06:54 next i went over and visited the people
06:56 at
06:56 vicious fishing and i picked up a pound
07:00 of their 30 pound monofilament
07:03 high viz line i’ve been practicing that
07:06 line a lot
07:07 while i was live a lot of people said
07:09 that i should try the line
07:10 and so i did it was very inexpensive
07:12 they had a show price of 20
07:14 for this whole spool i couldn’t pass it
07:17 up i’ve tried slime line
07:18 i’ve tried andy both amazing lines i
07:21 would use them tomorrow
07:22 so now i’m going to show you guys what i
07:24 think of vicious
07:26 fishing line i got two more reels y’all
07:28 the okuma
07:30 classic clx classic reel everyone’s
07:33 seen them before used them before i
07:35 don’t really need to show you around if
07:37 you’ve been around the catfishing
07:38 industry for a little while
07:40 you’ve seen these reels they’re very
07:41 inexpensive i paid 52 dollars a piece
07:44 for these
07:45 and the people at tackle bandit hooked
07:47 me up you may be saying kevin
07:49 why do you need two more reels
07:52 i’m going to show you some of you may
07:54 have seen my short of the hellcat rod
07:57 that’s right the hellcat rod i bought a
07:59 medium action
08:00 hellcat rod from cash to fever and when
08:03 i got to the conference
08:04 i picked up the medium heavy and i was
08:06 so impressed
08:08 of how whippy that one is too and i have
08:11 to have a pair
08:12 so i got the medium heavy too each rod
08:15 comes with this silky smooth
08:17 stretchy rod sock this is the new medium
08:20 heavy that i bought
08:21 at the conference beautiful rod black
08:24 eyes
08:24 day glow green
08:28 so again i bought the two reels to put
08:30 on these rods
08:31 because every time i go out i switch up
08:34 rods i want you to see that it really
08:35 doesn’t matter what rod you use
08:38 i have my favorites i love my muddy
08:39 rivers i love these catch the fevers
08:42 but you can use anything pretty much to
08:44 catch these fish
08:45 so every time i go out i have my
08:47 favorites but i always switch up a few
08:49 rods here and there
08:50 and i always have to switch up the reels
08:52 so now i won’t have to
08:54 i have these akuma classics to put on
08:56 these hellcats
08:57 and we’re good to go today i got me a
09:00 fishing and stuff shirt that’s right
09:02 keith robinson from fishing and stuff
09:04 now has swag i didn’t get a hat
09:06 but he’s got some awesome black hats
09:08 with green riding and i think even some
09:10 pink riding he’s got some fishing and
09:12 stuff shirts
09:13 in green and pink as well so make sure
09:16 you go check out fishing and stuff’s
09:17 page to get you some
09:19 awesome swag win the spirit
09:22 of fishing and stuff thank you for
09:24 sticking around and seeing all the cool
09:26 stuff i got
09:27 i look forward to these giveaways i
09:29 thank you to all the people i met at
09:30 catapalooza
09:31 make sure you check out that pc fun reel
09:33 use that discount code is in the
09:35 description
09:36 to save 18 go visit catfish and save 20
09:39 with my discount code until next time
09:42 y’all happy fishing
09:50 [Music]
09:50 [Applause]
09:56 [Music]
10:05 thank you

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