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SeaArk Boats – How tough is a SeaArk? Well we dropped ours from a crane to show you!

Jeremy Coe standing in front of a SeaArk boat before it is being dropped from a crane for a strength test.

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Jeremy Coe standing in front of a SeaArk boat before it is being dropped from a crane for a strength test. seaark boat SeaArk Boats – How tough is a SeaArk? Well we dropped ours from a crane to show you! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7
Jeremy Coe standing in front of a SeaArk boat before it is being dropped from a crane for a strength test.

[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery interval=”5″ images=”21680,21679,21678,21677,21676″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here is a transcript of the video as well for those who may need it. This is an automatically generated transcription which means it may contain errors and inaccurate language and/or sentences. 

00:03 [Music]
00:08 hey everyone jeremy cole here at sea art
00:10 boats i’m at the factory in monticello
00:12 arkansas
00:13 and we’re gonna have a little fun today
00:15 do something a little different but
00:17 the question when buying a boat is how
00:19 tough is your aluminum boat so
00:21 today we’re going to test out and see
00:22 how tough your sea arc boat is
00:24 i’ve got a bx 190 here
00:27 that’s ready to go and uh we’re gonna
00:30 hit it in the side with the sledgehammer
00:32 hit it on the
00:33 uh oversized gunnel rail up here with
00:35 the sledgehammer we’re gonna hit it on
00:37 the bottom
00:38 got a 3 16 extruded uh
00:41 keel guard on the bottom that we’re
00:43 gonna hit
00:45 then we’ve got a crane that we’re gonna
00:46 drop it from so if you can’t tell i’m
00:48 excited i’ve been grinning all day about
00:50 this
00:51 uh so y’all stick around we’re going
00:53 we’re gonna go to town with a
00:54 sledgehammer all right so i got my handy
00:56 dandy safety glasses
00:58 my trusty sledgehammer from our guys
01:00 over here
01:01 in service and i’ve got a 100 gauge hulk
01:04 here so it’s not even our one two five
01:06 gauge hull that we put under our other
01:07 boats
01:08 but they wouldn’t give me one of those
01:09 because they gotta go some of y’all
01:11 fishermen out there so they wouldn’t let
01:12 me tear it up
01:13 but being any aluminum boat that you’re
01:15 gonna hit inside is gonna
01:17 dent to some extent um but the way our
01:20 ribs and structure runs on a sea urc
01:22 makes it
01:22 one of the toughest boats on the market
01:24 so i guess we can just jump right into
01:38 it
01:39 [Music]
01:52 so
01:53 [Music]
01:59 and then we got our oversized
02:03 cap rail right here
02:08 [Music]
02:17 i think oversized and overbuilt is an
02:20 understatement
02:22 thank you to ben do you think ciara puts
02:25 enough bracing
02:33 i think he’ll do pretty good i think it
02:34 passes the strength test
02:37 i’m ready charlie are you ready to drop
02:38 it up from the crate i think i’m ready
02:40 to drop it from the crane see how it
02:41 does
02:42 and then we’ll flip it over show you the
02:43 3 16
02:45 extruded kill guard down the center of
02:47 it that all of our boats have
02:49 and show you how tough it is if you hit
02:50 a big stop hit a big wave
02:52 whatever the case may be
02:54 [Music]
03:01 [Music]
03:02 okay so we got the boat way up in there
03:04 about 10 foot up in the air
03:06 and i’ve been waiting for it all day it
03:08 did way better than i expected hitting
03:10 100 gauge aluminum on the side
03:12 with the big old sledge hammer barely
03:13 dented it didn’t even dent the top cap
03:16 rail so
03:17 i’m excited 10 foot up in the air if you
03:19 drop it from any further than this
03:22 it’s it’s it’s going to be bad so i
03:25 think anybody
03:26 i hope nobody’s in this situation where
03:28 you’re this high up in the boat
03:30 but we’re going to see just how much
03:31 it’ll hold up dropping the 10 foot out
03:33 of the air so y’all stay tuned three
03:46 two one
03:47 [Music]
03:56 so there you have it sea ark’s first
03:58 boat drop with a 100 gauge hull
04:00 the vx 190 i’m going to try to convince
04:03 them let me do a 125 gauge
04:05 but as you can see very little damage
04:07 there there was no denting on the top
04:09 when we hit it
04:11 and you can see this 3 16
04:14 extruded center kiln right here that
04:16 connects all of our boats whether it’s a
04:18 duck boat
04:19 whether it’s predator whether it’s baymo
04:20 bass boat we’ve got a 316 skill that
04:23 connects
04:24 all of our holes on the bottom so it
04:26 barely even it didn’t even make you take
04:28 the paint off right here that’s just
04:29 rocks right there so
04:30 uh testament to the paint to the boat
04:33 like i said we build boats to last a
04:34 lifetime so
04:35 check out or find your
04:40 nearest
04:48 you


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