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Badge Printing Service

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Badge & ID Printing

Professional Badge Printing Services | Quick, Reliable & Affordable – with Catfish Conference Corporate

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Why do we offer PVC badge printing services?

It’s simple. Since we were not able to find any suitable services for ourselves to sustain our events, we invested in the equipment and software to handle our own needs, hence saving time and thousands of dollars each year. We optimize our downtime between our two major events to help our others needing badges as well, at a fraction of the cost and with quick turnaround times. 

We all need badges, membership cards and private IDs.

At Catfish Conference, we're excited to announce our new simple badge printing service - a quick, reliable, and affordable badge printing service for third parties. Whether you need a single badge or thousands, our state-of-the-art printing technology and expert design team are ready to exceed your expectations.
PVC Badge Printing Service
A simple PVC badge for all your needs

Why Choose us?

Unmatched Speed – With our efficient badge printing system, we can print from a single badge to thousands of badges, meaning we can deliver large orders quickly and effectively.

Top-notch Design – Our talented design team can produce a badge design in just 30 minutes. We focus on your brand identity and ensure that each badge design is unique and professional.

Cost-effective – At just $2.50 per card, we offer one of the most competitive rates in the industry without compromising on quality.

  • CR80 (3.375″ x 2.125″) 55 Mil
  • Graphic quality PVC
  • Color printing on both sides of the card included
  • Simple black lanyard with metallic clip is available as an option
  • Membership cards
  • Conference or festival entry/ID badge
  • Corporate Identification Cards
  • Medical Identification Cards
  • Educational/School ID badges

We print as low as 1 card. 

  • Provide your own design, or:
  • Let us quickly create a professional design with your branding responding to your needs
  • Custom Data: we can accommodate unique badges with a sequence number, custom name and photo for each
  • Tell us how many cards, how quickly you need them and we’ll give you a precise quote including shipping. 
  • We’ll need to know:
    • Do you have a design? Yes/no
    • Do we need to provide a design? Yes/no
    • Is this print generic or does it contain custom information? I.e. numbering, sequencing, names and photos?
    • Standard shipping or Overnight Shipping?
    • Do you need a simple black lanyard as well?
    • What’s the shipping address? Residential, commercial, in the US or International?

We know you want to know the pricing. Here’s a ballpark:

Small batch:

  1. 1 Unique Badge:
    1. From $25 + shipping
  2. 2-50 Badges:
    1. From $ 7.00 per badge + shipping
  3. 51-100 Badges:
    1. From 6.00 Per badge + shipping
  4. 101 – 150 Badges:
    1. From 5.50 Per badge + shipping
  5. 151-500 Badges:
    1. From $3.00 Per badge + shipping
  6. More? We’ll price your request when we talk to you. You can get as low as $1.50 per badge depending on the volume. 
  • Simply share your design, choose your quantity, and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer secure payment options and fast shipping, so you’ll have your badges in no time.

Give us a ring: (270) 444-8441

After hours? text (270) 444-8441

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