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Blue Catfish Bait

Blue Catfish Bait and Blue Catfish Description

Blue catfish bait selection

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Blue Catfish Bait – Skip Jack Herring

Our “top” pick for the blue catfish bait would be:

  1. Large pieces of cut Skip Jack Herring
  2. live or cut shad .

Alternative blue catfish bait would be:

  • bluegill heads
  • sunfish
  • suckers
  • carp

The blue catfish is one of the top predators and will consume most anything that swims. The blue catfish is predominately a river fish but the can also be found in some large lakes and reservoirs where they have been stocked.

Blue catfish description

The blue catfish looks a lot like the channel catfish except they have a long anal fin and do not have any spots. They get their name because of their bluish gray color. The blue catfish will get much larger than the channel catfish and it is very common to see fish larger then 25lbs, and can grow to over 100 lbs. Blue catfish will feed differently than the other species, although they will lurk in some of the same spots as other catfish, they are generally an open water fish, roaming the entire water column feeding on schools of shad. However there not real picky, a piece of cut bait that is presented to them is just as good.  They will not pass up a free snack given the opportunity.

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