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Channel Catfish Bait

Channel Catfish Bait and Channel Catfish Description

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Channel Catfish Bait – Minnow fish

Channel Catfish Bait Selection

Channel catfish are the know scavengers of the three species and is continuously being caught by anglers on a large array of offerings. From hotdogs to soap. But here are the top bait choices that will help to increase your chances for a more successful trip.
Night crawlers and worms, cut/live bait (minnows, suckers, chubs, shiners, goldfish, shad, skipjack herring, bluegills) catalpa worms, grasshoppers, frogs, crayfish, raw shrimp, and blood/stink baits are prime channel catfish bait.

Size of the bait will depend on the size of channel catfish you are targeting.

1 to 4 lbs – Use the smaller channel catfish bait:

  1. 2-3 inch Minnows
  2. worms and night crawlers
  3. quarter size cut bait
  4. raw shrimp
  5. chicken livers
  6. blood/stink baits

5 lbs to more –  Use larger channel catfish bait choices:  

  1. live whole
  2. cut shad
  3. bluegills/heads
  4. chubs/cut
  5. suckers/cut

The larger mature channel catfish will take a larger bait, the more natural baits listed, will increase your chances of landing a bigger channel catfish.

Channel Catfish Description

Channel catfish are one of the most well know to the masses and is the most common sought after catfish by catfish anglers. The channel catfish in habitats a large portion of the U.S. They live from the northern states all the way into the southern states, And from the East coast to the West Coast with the exception of only a few areas. The channel catfish color can vary in color, depending on the water conditions it in habits, but most will start out with bluish gray with almost silver sides with small black dots. The color will change as it matures. Some larger channel catfish will be mistaken for a blue catfish however the anal fin on the channel catfish is much shorter than the blue catfish, and the tail has a deep fork in it.

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