Flathead Catfish Bait and flathead Catfish Description

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Live Chad is a great Flathead Catfish Bait

Flathead catfish bait selection

Our “top” pick for the flathead catfish bait would be:

  1. live shad
  2. bluegill/sunfish
  3. perch
  4. bull head catfish.

Remember the flathead catfish species is the other top predator, so pretty much if it’s legal to use as bait and it swims, it will work. It just depends on the type of baitfish you can easily catch for bait.

Flatheads like the other species are again opportunist and will take cut bait also but fresh cut seems to be preferred.

Flathead catfish description

The flathead can be caught from the Carolinas to the  r basins of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers. Their range goes as far north as North Dakota, and as far west as California, and south to the Gulf of Mexico including northeastern Mexico. Flathead catfish also go by other names such as the yellow cat, Opelousas, and shovelhead cat. Yellow cat will eat mainly live bait fish and grow incredibly large. Flatheads seek out structure in the deeper pools, in lakes, and rivers large and small. The flathead catfish has a wide flat looking head very small eyes and are very brownish color. They have more of a square tail and their jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw.

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