The show hours of operation are:

Saturday February 24, 2018:
Opens at 08:30 AM
Closes at 05:00 PM

Sunday February 25, 2017:
Opens at 08:30 AM
Closes at 04:00 PM

The show happens at the Crowne Plaza Airport in Louisville Kentucky.

The address is: 830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209

Yes you can. Check in process may take some time depending on how many people show up at the same time. You’re definitely better off ordering online (it’s cheaper and faster) so you and your family save money and can skip the lines at the Conference.

Here are the two options you have:

  1. Pre-Registration: is FREE – you’ll simply pay at the conference. What if you can’t make it? No worries, you won’t be charged and there are no cancellation fees either.

2. BOOK NOW: Simply book online, save money and skip the lines. It’s only $5.00

We’re glad you want to join us! Tickets are available here: Catfish Conference 2018 Tickets

Upcoming Catfish Conference Information:

If you would like to learn more about the Catfish Conference 2018 event, please visit the following page: About Catfish Conference 2018

Previous Catfish Conference Information:

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Yes, the Crowne plaza has a food concession open during lunch time with sandwiches and other snacks. There are restaurants around too.

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