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New Exhibitors - Apply Today | Catfish Conference 2022

We are talking about the best of the best. Welcome our Exhibitors in 2022!

We are honored you are considering Catfish Conference 2022 as part of your brand development strategy in 2022. Our event started in 2016 and has grown to become the largest and most awaited event in the sport of catfishing in the United States of America.

As the world gradually reopens after a long battle against the Covid-19 global pandemic, we are working diligently on the planning of our next event. In this regard, you can choose to apply to become a new vendor at Catfish Conference 2022 in Louisville, KY.

We’re sure you’ll have some questions to ask prior to applying – give us a call or LiveChat us and we’ll be right back with you.

Your application required a deposit of $300 that applies towards your final bill. 

Exhibitor Center

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Apply to become an exhibitor of the Catfish Conference 2022 here.