SeaArk Boat is the main sponsor of Catfish Conference 2018

SeaArk Boats will be the main sponsor of the Catfish Conference in 2018!

Elizabethtown (KY), 12/04/2017

We are excited to announce that SeaArk Boats will be back as the main sponsor of the 2018 Catfish Conference! SeaArk was the first company to recognize the need for a catfish specific boat and have set the standard for quality and innovation since. The continued support of SeaArk towards the catfishing community and the conference allows us to host this event at a low cost to participants as well as providing top seminars and vendors for the event.

“We work with SeaArk every day,” stated Jim Hopper, Event Organizer. “We recognize the hard work they put into being a leader in the catfishing industry. We are thrilled to have them on board as the event sponsor.”

Steve Henderson, SeaArk Boats President stated “SeaArk Boats is proud to help sponsor the 2018 Catfish Conference. The conference has grown into such a large attraction for any level of experience in the sport of catfishing. We thrive on providing the best boat possible and look forward to continuing our success with events such as the Catfish Conference.”

The 2018 Catfish Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Center, February 24-25, 2018. Buy your tickets now at:

To learn more about SeaArk Boats visit

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SeaArk Boats Catfish Conference 2018 Sponsor