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Corporate Services

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Fueling your growth

Catfish Conference does more than the event it is known for.

We have been silently helping some of the most prominent exhibitors and partners grow. 

Our expertise is wide, our focus narrow. We ‘ll help your brand, company or department with strategic & business consulting services, marketing and growth management. 

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Who do we work with?

Finding a partner for growth is oftentimes overwhelming. At Catfish Conference Corporate Services, we are experienced in helping businesses from an early stage until they are multi-million dollar companies. The kind of expertise, business services, and level of assistance needed follows your growth and evolves as you achieve your objectives. 

What we do for you

We provide full-service marketing and advertising services, website management, growth and and sales assistance, fulfillment options for e-commerce (including multi-channel). Our expertise and experience supercharges your growth and helps you achieve your objectives worry-free.
One place to handle it all.

We are experienced marketing and e-commerce generalists with a strong focus on tech and data. Our business experience equals our love for technology. Ultimately, we are your ultimate secret weapon when it comes to business growth. 

We know the e-commerce environment like the back of our hand. We too are business operators, owners, e-commerce fanatics with data in mind. Transparency, efficiency and knowledge is what allows us to provide our customers with peace of mind with building entire e-commerce platforms for them, integrate and operate in a multi-channel environment including the most complex online marketplaces and resellers. We do it all for you. We are your team. 

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Branding in the outdoor industry is critical. We help your organization navigate the challenges, may they be operational or conceptual in nature. 

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We handle your social media channels and work to grow your reach organically, and through paid means. Our attention to details is meticulous from preparing the content calendar to having the right content with the most efficient wording, our expertise makes a difference in your ROI. 

Our involvement can be partial, or total. We work well on our own, in teams, in partnership with other agencies. 

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We know how to get fantastic events based on the outdoor industry. We are happy to work with other events to help them with their goals, or work with Cities/Counties to get their own “owned” events together. 

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Growing phases come with their own set of challenges. We consider growth being a combination of marketing, advertising, product development and sales all together.

From getting the right technology stack for your needs and objectives, anticipating your inventory moves and ordering/import process, designing the right type of product for your market, developing the right integrated sales techniques, we are able to handle a lot of the specialized back office work typically reserved for highly specialized staff members. 

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