Hellcat Rod Series – Catfishing Rod by Catch The Fever

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Hellcat Rod Series – By Catch The Fever

Say "Hello" to the new 2021 Hellcat Rod

Catch The Fever did it again! The well established rod holder company, under Kaleb Page’s management, is coming out with a new catfish rod aggressively named “Hellcat”. This premium rod comes to complement the best selling “Big Cat Fever Rods”.

The Hellcat rod is expected to be launched officially in February 2021 according to information obtained by the Catfish Conference Team. Stay tuned for more information.

Made by Catch The Fever

Catch The Fever is one of the most recognized and awarded brands in the catfishing space. They already commercialized their ``Big Cat Fever Rods`` a couple of years ago and had a phenomenal success. The new 2021 Hellcat Rod Series is going to be a premium catfish rod with a higher price point - this new rod seems it might become the new best seller in the sport of catfishing!