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Let's share our passion with the world.

The sport of catfish fishing and crappie fishing extends beyond physical borders and the English language. There are millions of people in the world waiting to learn more about catfish and crappie fishing, let’s help everyone access our content. 

Let Catfish Conference Corporate dedicate some time and effort to translating key content.

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Our international blog:

Find our cornerstone content translated in various languages. We do our best to provide an (amateur) translation of English based content in Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and French. 

Trouvez notre contenu principal traduit dans différentes langues. Nous faisons de notre mieux pour fournir une traduction (amateur) du contenu en anglais en espagnol, hindi, chinois et français.


Encuentra nuestro contenido principal traducido en varios idiomas. Hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para proporcionar una traducción (amateur) del contenido en inglés en español, hindi, chino y francés.

Let's go global.

Catfish Conference goes beyond physical and language limitations. The community of anglers we represent is welcoming, well traveled and wants to share the passion internationally which means it's out job to take the initiative to translate key content in some of the most spoken languages. Take a cup of coffee and warm up your dictionaries, we're going global!
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