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    Monster Bait Cutting Board

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    Monster Bait Cutting Board

    This catfish bait cutting board is the latest product from Monster Rod Holders, one of America’s favorite heavy duty and handcrafted catfish rod holders company. Steve Douglas has been working on developing this board for quite while now. His taste for heavy duty equipment specifically designed for catfishing makes this product rather unique.

    • Built to last
    • Toughest materials
    • Ideal size
    • Monster Rod Holders quality check

    The Monster bait cutting board will be able to handle the rough life reserved be the toughest anglers, you can count on this board to help you control the mess on the deck of your boat after cutting your bait. It will come as no surprise to say this bait cutting board really deserves the distinctive “monster” in its title.

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    Monster Bait Cutting Board

    Curious about other Monster Rod holders products? All of them are built Monster strong to handle the larger hard running fresh water fish, such as catfish and stripers. Designed by competitive catfish tournament angler and YouTube Celebrity Steve Douglas, the Catfish Dude. The rod holders are made of 1/2 in. steel covered with a thick plastic coating to protect your rods and are constructed with an extra large rod butt rest for easy rod removal when the rod is loaded.

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