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We offer a wide range of booth sizes, options (tables, chairs, backdrops, drapes, etc.), upgrades and sponsorships opportunities. Booths pricing starting at $400 only. 

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Have the opportunity to benefit from our audience year-round through our top-tier marketplace: only available for our exhibitors. 

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We handle the largest community on the web in connection to catfish fishing (catfishing). Work with us to create engaging content so we can create the buzz around your company. 

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Steve Holman

This was the best show related to catfishing I've been to


FatBoy Dan

This is going to be the ground breaker for the catfishing world. Thank you all!


The support for our past edition was unbelievable. With roughly 4,700 attendees (not counting kids), we had a wonderful edition. The support came from everywhere in the United States and from specialized platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. 

The catfishing community loved your presence. See what they said. 

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Your presence at Catfish Conference Louisville this February 2022 honored the crowds and our humble team. We are already working hard to make the next edition of our event bigger, better and more attractive to deliver an unparalleled amount of value to your company. 

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