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About Us

SeaArk Boats, a Correct Craft company, has been in businesssince 1992.

SeaArk, originally owned by the McClendon family became apart of the Correct Craft family in early 2016. The company focus has always been on all-welded, heavy duty aluminum Jon boats and in 1994 introduced the“World’s largest Jon boat” at 24 feet long with a 72-inch bottom.

SeaArk is currently under the leaders of company President Steve Henderson and builds all-welded aluminum fishing boats 14-24 feet long.SeaArk continues to focus on the “over-built” style of aluminum boats incorporating extruded keels and caprails and using heavy-duty ribs in their construction. The company currently builds bass, crappie, catfishing, mud, bay,and duck boats as well as basic jons, tunnel hulls and sport jet models.

SeaArk Boats also concentrates on quality workmanship and continually works to provide customers with models which they can customize with a long list of options and accessories to fit their needs. SeaArk also features an excellent warranty, one of the best offered among aluminum boat companies.

The company has a network of dealerships across the country including Alaska. Click here to locate your nearest dealer.

 SeaArk Boats….Boats Built for a Lifetime

Discover the SeaArk Boats: ProCat 200

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SeaArk Boats
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