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Secret Partner

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Secret partner. Grow now.

Looking to focus on what your do best and get us board to become your Chief Growth Officer?

The core team and ownership of Catfish Conference are composed of various partners cumulating decades of business experience globally. We love what we do for the community of catfishermen and crappie fishermen and feel a growing number of Catfish Conference exhibitors could benefit from unmetered expertise.

Share your growth objectives with us. 

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Secret Partner

Our exclusive “secret partner” service is reserved for a select few who’s achievements, reputation and growth objectives speak for themselves. 

We work with you and act as a secret partner with your brand and take care of many of the growth issue with you. Leveraging our entire expertise, from E-Commerce and web technologies, IT management, growth and sales, international trade, and corporate governance, we are your new business partner. 

*this service is exclusive and will not be available to all. There are no positions open until fall of 2023. The applicant will be invited and/or go through a extended vetting process to determine the eligibility and Catfish Conference’s interest. 

We're your new CGO.

Our team has recently revealed the existence of our "Secret Partner" program. We've been working with some of the most visible brands in the industry and have been instrumental in bringing them to "multi-million" dollar positions. The conditions need to be correct: the ownership/partners have the right business acumen, share common values and understand the critical significance of web technologies in the outdoor world. After either being invited or going through a rigorous application process, we may offer our key members as partners to help your fast-track your growth. This service is exclusive, and we currently have a lengthy waiting list.
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Ignite your brand's potential

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