Larry Muse

Bass Pro Shop Big Cat Quest


I started tournament fishing 10 yrs ago . I have fished at least 175 tournaments and finished in the top ten in most of them .

I have gotten first place in some big tournaments , The Sea Ark Invitational in 2013 , The Monsters on the Ohio 2015 . I was fortunate to land 101.50 blue catfish in the Bass Pro Big Cat Quest Championship in 2008 . I have gotten 2nd place in the World Championship of Catfishing 4 times . Won numerous trail tournaments over the years .

I started fishing when I was just a baby with my Granny French , I learned to track movements of catfish at a very early age . Granny French quoted the Bible and used Biblical concepts to catch the fish which I carry on using these concepts today . I love to help people who are struggling , and see them do good . All I ask in return is a thank you . Sharing information is the key to making our sport grow , it is beneficial not only to those you are sharing with but also to you when you need their help they are more willing to share .

I know that God is more pleased when we help others than if we had not helped others and won every tournament . First and foremost I Want To Please God . The bible says whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord .

Catfishing is my ministry . God Bless

Larry Muse