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Steve Douglas - The Catfish Dude

Hi, my name is Steve Douglas; I am the President of the Catfish Conference and I am also the owner and operator of Monster Rod Holders. I run several websites and blogs that are fishing and outdoors related.

I am professional competitive catfish tournament angler from the state of Kentucky, competing across the U.S. in the Cabelas King Kat Pro series tournament trail, ranking, 2nd in the nation among my peers for two consecutive years in a row.

I have embedded myself deep into the catfishing industry not only as a tournament angler but also as a manufacture of catfishing products and also participating as a major sponsor of the Cabelas King Kat national tournament trail.

I started the Discover catfishing ( site because I get a lot of request for catfishing information from folks on my websites and through emails.

I thought I could help many more folks learn about a certain topic and to provide real information, tips, techniques and proven methods if I posted the information on one website with articles that could be shared easily. Instead of approaching it, one person at a time.


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As the sport grows, so does the desire from new anglers to obtain qualified information for better catch results! Over the years I has enjoyed helping many anglers improve their catch rate, and don’t mind to share what I have learned over the years competing on the national trails..

I am also known as the "Catfish Dude" (Steve Douglas) and I am followed by over 42'000 people on Youtube and have over 8 million video views.

Steve Douglas during an interview at the Catfish Conference 2016

Steve Douglas during an interview at the Catfish Conference 2016

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Transcript for Video "You're invited to the First ever Catfish Conference":

I'd like to invite everyone out to the 2016 catfish conference it will be located in Versailles Kentucky this year. My company monster rod holders along with Jeff Jones Marine is hosting this event this year we've got manufacturers coming out from all companies we've got rod officiated there we've got boat trips we have electronic wraps we have tackle bait and tackle we've got rod manufacturers we've got anything to do with catfish and you're going to find that this 2016 catfish conference and it's it's for everybody if you're a novice anger come on out will show you the ropes you to start it if you're a seasoned angler come on out and check out some of the new new products is offered to you in 2016 anything to do with catfish and you're going to find out at this event it is on February 27th, it's on a Saturday, myself I am going to be out there, a lot of the other pros from around the nation will be out there is it just has anything to do with catfishing you guys are welcome to come out and get to talk to every body it's a it's a community, it's a catfish community get-together is what it is, so come on out on Saturday February 27 Jeff Jones Marines in Versailles Kentucky check us out we'd be glad to say it until then take care guys will see the next video