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About Us

No. 1 Marketing Company in Elizabethtown

Business House provides a local eye for local business and entrepreneurs. Whether it be building your brand through advertising campaigns and web development or managing your social media marketing we have a solution that will be tailored to help you meet your goals. Through our local partnerships and dedication to helping you succeed we make it our mission to provide professional solutions from a local perspective.

As a full service marketing agency, we take pride in helping small companies and startups plan, secure and achieve remarkable growth strategies, thanks to a team of dedicated, highly-educated and experienced marketing professionals, business strategists, IT and web design experts, SEO analysts and graphic designers.

Our ability to be a true “asset” assisting businesses from their incorporation stage to a fully mature company is unparalleled in Kentucky.

We are serving local customers in our home city, Elizabethtown (KY), up to Louisville, Lexington, as well as international customers looking for a quality marketing agency to reach the US domestic market.

At Business House, we take pride in helping small companies and startups secure their growth, as well for larger national corporations in the need of an “out of the box” solutions, thanks to the help of our marketing advisors, IT and web design experts, SEO analysts, graphic designers.

We are looking forward to meeting with you.

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