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Video of The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Baitcast Round Fishing Reel

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Amazon Customer Verified Buyer

C3 6500

This is a good reliable reel .I use mine for catfishing paired up with an Ugly Stick Heavy Action Catfish bait cast rod. I have caught dozens of catfish with it so far, and not one problem from the reel.


Joe A. Campos Verified Buyer

Smooth reel with great looking upgrades!!

t’s been several years since I’ve bought new Ambassadeurs. I believe it’s been about 10/12 yrs since I bought the last 4 Ambassadeur C 6500’s. I saw the new upgrades and knew it was time to buy new ones again! Absolutely love how the blackened pieces look on the reel. And the bent handle also looks great!


Johnathan Bradford Verified Buyer

Must have catfishing reel

Awesome catfish reel. Though, durable, great catfish reel. Love it! don't buy imitations, go ahead and spend the money and start with it. This is the one!


The Big Catfishing Gear Buyer's Guide


CatCon has a unique perspective on the sport of catfishing since 2016. We've been working with leading brands since our first event, we know their products, we help them grow through Catfish Conference Events but also through business services. 

Sharing our knowledge is what is expected from anglers in the United States. This is why we created the "Big Catfishing Gear Buyer's Guide". 

Discover new catfishing products from reels, rods, tackle, boats, etc without the pressure to buy. 



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