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Big Kat Bait

Providing fresh quality frozen bait for catfishing


Big Kat Bait – Introduction

Run by Mr. Carl Morris Jr., a well-known trophy cat angler, skipjack angler Sean Martin and his colleagues, Big Kat Bait company offers top quality baits for your next trophy catfish expedition. Big Kat Bait offers its catfish bait to businesses and individual anglers.

They also supply fresh skipjack at many major tournaments during the season as well as providing great fresh quality frozen bait.

Why buying baits from Big Kat Bait?

Big Kat Bait co has a special process to make sure your bait is immaculately fresh.

Big Kat Bait co has a special process to make sure your bait is immaculately fresh. They say their skipjack and shad are placed on ice immediately after being caught. They then use a layered method of crush ice to make sure they preserve the product and begin the vacuum process within hours. The “chamber vacuum process” is used for removing all the air in the package and sealing in the natural juices of the fish without altering its quality.

The fish will remain as fresh as when sealed if defrosted properly.

They also use heavier 4 mil bags to prolong the normal freezer time to last up to 6 months!

Big Kat Bait products:

  • Skip Jack approximately 10-18″ ship jack herring packaged in singles, doubles and 4 packs
  • Shad approximately 8-12″ shad, packaged in 4 packs or 8 packs | 2-6″ approximately packaged in 25 packs. 
  • Shad Guts 16 oz pint jar averaging 1lb. A case contains 12 jars. 

Images of Big Kat Bait products and team 

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FAQ – Big Kat Bait

What bait do they carry?

Fresh and frozen skipjack, frozen shad and frozen shad guts

Do you ship baits?

Not at this time

How much are your products?

Prices vary on the bait pick up or delivery. Contact Big Kat Bait for an individualized quote.

Contact Big Kat Bait

Address: 5749 River Rd, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 (click to view on map)

Phone: (614)554-5556


Operation time: Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM EST

Visit their website: