Kentucky’s Finest

Exhibitor 2017


Kentucky’s Finest

Catfish Conference Exhibitor 2017

About Us:

I was brought up with a profound appreciation of the past. The things that created in our time line known as life that brought us to where we are now.
Without these inventions, without the callused hands and broken backs, without the forward thoughts of these people, without the American spirit where would we be?

Once there was a heart of every town, a centralized place known simply as the town general store. I want the original American town general store to serve as the backdrop of my business.

I want my store to serve the same necessities of the originals. It was a meeting place, where you bought your winter coat, school shoes for the kids, the necessities for around the home, or just a gift for that special someone. A meeting place where everyone would congregate; where all the news got heard. I want Kentucky’s Finest to pay homage to this place. A slice of the American dream stocked with American products, a place to showcase the survivors and the new forward thinkers that will make this country what it will be in the next 100 yrs.

I want Kentucky’s Finest to highlight this American Spirit. A distinct look back at the past while ever standing proud into the future. To give the general public a one stop shop for these last great few US companies and craftsmen who keep the ideals that made this country the greatest in the world!