Exhibitor 2017
 About us – the beginning

Shiner and Crash met in eighth grade, simple, became best buds. Red and Willy were two years younger than Shiner and Crash, Best buds, again, simple. Shiner and Red were brothers, so naturally, those four hung out. All these boys loved to hunt and fish, but they also went to the same school. Now Lead came into the mix years later. Lead hunted at the same deer camp as Shiner, and Shiner invited Crash to hunt at that camp. When Crash and Lead met, they didn’t like each other, those dudes had no idea that less than 10 years later they were going to start a company together. Just a few months after the deer camp, Lead showed up at Crash’s BBQ with a mutual friend. Now because Ol’ Crash is such a nice fella, and wanted to bury the hatchet, they spent the next four hours out on the deck telling stories and laughing. Ol’ Crash really took a liking to Ol’ Lead, and respected the heck out him. They both loved to hunt, loved to fish, pretty much brothers from separate mothers. They are 17 years apart in age, but that didn’t stop them from rod and reeling cats four nights a week, high powering coyotes and listening to Jerry Reed. Well, Ol’ Lead had the boat, and one weekend, he took Crash, Willy, and Red out running lines. Something Lead grew up doing back in west-central Illinois. That was the start of the dream.